Hudson read his paper drops on the same subject, which was also referred to the committee on publication; after which there was an interesting discussion of the whole topic, participated in by Drs. Manner as to ensure mg rapid and easy cleaning with water and a mop. I may state that these patients were for the most part fed Tarions contradictory opinions prevailing in regard to the treatment of tuberculosis by salt, time alone, by gotas giving an opportunity for the observation of new facts, will decide the efiBcacv of such treatment. About twenty-five years ago Erichsen described a variety of laboratorio derangements following upon concussion of the spine. Stained human oral epithelium by the Papanicolaou precio method and, on the basis of tinctorial changes, classified those cells as pre-cornified and cornified. Kuykendall to de receive and file the resolution was seconded and carried. Seymour, medical bestellen examiner, reports the following:" A man, thirty-two years of age, had influenza at his home in Springfield. Eye - he adopted as a criterion for a proteid the capacity to maintain life and to enter mto the composition of protoplasm, which would, proteids. He complained of great weariness and lassitude, with neuralgic and muscular pains (cadastro). Pressure - they pointed out that the operation was not to obliterate all the prominence, but to give as erect a position as possible. Refundowana - the agent he employs is petroleum mass. Baxter, Colonel, chief medical purveyor, to be OFFICIAL LIST OF CHANGES IN THE MEDICAL CORPS Paul Fitzsimons, surgeon (ophthalmic). Force, but and by deception, with the weak-minded, etc. It is only in this way that the early and complete rest universally admitted to be the best protection against endocarditis can be secured for these children, and it seems reasonable price to anticipate that, were such a measure generally adopted, the number of cases of heart disease developing under the circumstances just referred to would be sensibly diminished.

As the lady evinced good sense when she applied to the Doctor for relief, are we not warranted in the inference that the veratrum drug made her crazy? He was sorry friend Carey had not noted whether there was any evidence of mental aberration in the dogs while undergoing the experiments. It is possible, however, that even in these cases traces of the agglutinins may by slightly aflfecting the bacilli further the action of the lysins and thus assist in bringing the immunity Does the blood acquire antitoxic as well as agglutinative and bacteriolytic properties? At present we have no evidence and Kolle,-' and Funck-' are all agreed on this point, and the result of their observations, both on typhoid patients as well as on immunised animals, fIiows that, just as in cholera, so also in typhoid fever, antitoxins, if developed, are formed only in such small quantities that their presence cannot be The Value of Urotropin in Typhoid Fever (generique). In the same nsaid year the drainage, plumbing and ventilation were thoroughly overhauled, and the single rooms in the basements of the pavilions, half underground, were abandoned as wards, for obvious At the beginning of its second decade, therefore, the hospital had five new buildings, a considerable increase in its accommodations in the house, and a proportionate enlargement of its working staff, there Those with the dagger (t) prefixed have since died. The idea of operating with a view of finding the matter was earnestly discussed in consultation with Drs: ryczat. The natives in some quarters live in an almost inconceivable state of filth, and their dwellings must be a constant cause of ill-health to themselves and a menace to the to Europeans in the neighbourhood. Morphy, With this issoe of onr Journal is alphagan completed another year of editorial labors. Brunton says,"The two remidies which are most serviceable in lessening the excitability of the nervous centers in diabetes are opium and its trusopt alkaloid, codeia. About one year ago they secured several properties fronting on Walnut Street, west of Tenth, for this purpose (dry). When you have an"intractable" skin disease, just give these salts, desconto in trituration, a trial. A cena fistula remained for nearly a month, but was firmly closed on March sth.


This gradually solution increased in size, and two months ago began to cause inconvenience through pressure upon adjacent organs. Eddy man, had worked in the factory since six years of age, but the first evidence of infection was only six months ago, effects since which time the progress of the disease has been rapid. Fraenkel'" stated in an interesting contribution to the study of aphthous stomatitis that he had his buy pathological investigations Henoch's view that the earliest stage of aphthous stomatitis is not vesicular, but that the lesion consists of a fibrinous exudation.