In the years preceding the Hippocratic period, it had been the school of Cnidus which occupied the position of pre-eminence in the medical thought of Greece; and this school inspired by the doctrines of Heraclitus, Anaxagoras and Empedocles, had come under the influence of that nature-philosophy which led it astray, and which by enervating much of its fundamental thinking, ultimately prepared its downfall.

In the large majority of cases, it is undoubtedly wise to encourage and hasten convalescence by means of powder a palatable and efficient hematinic and general tonic.

Which physicians are daily reproached, explains them in a rational and scientific manner, and suggests appropriate treatment for them. The number of species is usually so small as to give a totally inadequate idea of the protean characters of the protozoa. My practice has been, for twenty years, to pre.scribe oxygen in virtually every case as soon as examination has established the presence of pneumonia and before I prescribe or order anything else.

This is especially the case with those who may have cynanche to exposure to cold. In one case a fatal termination threatened during the third week of the disease from laryngitis and lobular pneumonia. States that owing to the probable hysterical nature chloroform until the stage just preceding involuntary struggling. When endocarditis occurs, keeping the child in bed and absolutely quiet for a considerable time will usually result in complete recovery. There was a marked similarity in all these cases as to the location and the extent of surface injured. In the absence of such contraindications ether was used as an anesthetic, aided by the administration of some heart stimulants immediately before the administration of The existence of an empyema in the adult is a sufficient indication for the performance of a radical operation.


Says it is easy" to assign to apoplexies their characters, place, and name." The apoplexies without palsj' having their seat in the membranes, he thinks are properly designated by the term meningeal apoplexies; while those complicated with paralysis, are called cerebral apoplexies. Married Margaret Main, Cedar Falls High School and the soap Los Angeles State Normal School. We shudder to think how many cases of uncomplicated gastric remittents have been unrecognized and mistaken for malarial fevers. I need not point out how completely this description agrees with that of the same disease as seen at rtv the present time. XXX A Case of Combined Intra-uterine and Abdominal Twin Pregnancy; the first Child born naturally at eight months; the second This interesting case recorded by Dr. This complaijit rarely comes on suddenly, and it may exist in different degrees. The bending of the thigh on the body, and of the body on the thigh, all very important movements, were rendered difficult by the lesions in the attachments of the psoas to depigmenting the transverse processes of the bodies and to the intervertebral discs of the lumbar vertebrae. It is in this state of things, that bleeding and leeching are so promptly successful. Hot and humid atmospheres also act as remote or predisposing causes. In general, the risk is in proportion to the violence of the symptoms; but this is far from always being the case, as the apparently milder forms have terminated fatally, though not equally rapidly.

It was often considerably The four borders of the fibula were often extremely rough and uneven, whereas the surfaces of attachment for the muscles of the big toe and foot reviews remained smooth. It is bequeathed far more simply and directly by the actual involvement, through contact, of the placenta, and the invasion of the latter by the mother's spirochetes.

During the nineteenth century, Cesarean section labored under the disadvantages of both a detox traditional and sentimental prejudice due to its early history. Distal Ligation of the Subclavian Artery alone, on account (third division); Recovery; Marked Improvement; Death two years later, due no pulse in right carotid; severe pain in left head and neck; dyspnoea; does not sleep well; pale and yellow. It has a particularly interesting paragraph with regard to the necessity of properly impressing the patient's mind before a venesection was undertaken, because otherwise one did not get as good results, and, sometimes, as a consequence of dispiritment, the blood did not flow as freely as it should.

Charter meiiibers were as follows: The freiieral aim of tlie Society was the general upbuilding of the protein Science The jiresent otTicers are as I'oilows:'i'lic iiiiiiilier of present iiirinbcrs is sixty. The vascular system of the stomach and intestines is often well cleary preserved. Ard to the malt liquors, there is of coarae another pv explanation of the clear occnrrence of acne.

Blood have been taken from a person by no means robust, before the disease, which ended favourably, began to yield." remain cold an instant, provided they can be made warm by artificial means.

The phrase of' the eyes are not to be tempered with,' is almost proverbial; yet, ignorance dares, no doubt with the best and most humane intentions, to prescribe injurious remedies in the most difficult and dangerous diseases." A favourite remedy with many"old women" of this city, is molasses, probably in consequence of their having seen it useful in removing opacities of the cornea; for when applied to the eye after all inflammation has disappeared, it is sometimes successful in stimulating the absorbents to the removal of the coagulable lymph effused during inflammation.

Their results are tabulated in convenient form below: pneumonia, caseous bronchitis); general Primary intestinal and mesenteric gland Case of general miliary tuberculosis in which the portal of entry could not be Tuberculosis of bones and joints To the above list of cases two cases of double infection (human and bovine) must be added.