On examination, the joint was intensely painful, red, hot, and swollen; there was extreme tenderness, both superficial and deep, extending along the plantar fascia to the inner side of the heel. They were very seldom found in the ganglion cells of the sympathetic. The man of letters may be acute and logical, may have diligently studied the special facts bearing on the problem;.and yet, to tlie man of science his conclusions merely raise a smile or;i sigh: they are so preposterous, soobviouslywi'ong, that they will again, within a narrower circle, the physicist or the chemist to solve biological problems; the biologist when he pronounces judgment on physical or chemical theories; and eitherof them when he delivers himself of his views on questions of abstract philosophy. The horn is then removed, either with a saw or with a dehorning shears made for that purpose. They further open up important problems in hygiene and, if we may use the expression, case of Ross's remarkable discoveries described by the President of the Section.

If, as is seen frequently in the traumatic or relaxed cases, the bones are not in correct apposition, this should, of course, be corrected. The family lived in a village about seven miles from Keyport. In all the cases microscopic blood of a normal or abnormal character and in varying Pyuria: Gross pus is not noted as appearing in any of the cases except that one in which the cases microscopic pus in varying degree was Miscellaneous points of interest: None of the patients presented, as far as the records show, any co-existing evidence of gout. After removing, apply White Lotion twice a day. Both in resi.ecl to the duration of triati, OX THE OCCURRENCE OF A PAD ON THE Seisior Aisistant Surgeon to the Wcsliiuiisicr Ilosiiil.il; Surgeon to llic National (irthopicdic- and Evelina Hospitals. This alkalinity of the food has a definite influence upon the stomach digestion, for the rennet ferment will not act upon casein in the presence of alkali, and the normal formation of paracasein clot is prevented until the alkali is neutralized or removed, and, moreover, an excess of alkali will neutralize the hydrochloric acid afterwards secreted by the stomach until the alkali is exhausted. He claims that the greatest stress must be placed upon the clinical history of a case in making a diagnosis and states that the physical examination rarely results in very marked or very absolute findings. In case of enlargement with dilatation, the impulse is not only powerful and heaving, but it is diffused over the whole heart surface, and the normal sounds are increased in intensity. It is a small exposition, I should judge, about half the size of the one at Buffalo a few years ago, but the situation is one of ex unique.

Solution of potassium ferrocyanide were added to three ounces This solution was injected with a large syringe into the "55" cubcutaneous tissue of the right groin.

Albuminuric paralyses are due either to cerebral edema or to cerebral hemorrhage.

A RESOLUTION FROM THE COMMITTEE ON LEGISLATION. Since then she had complained of increasing weakness, of pain in the abdomen and the right "pill" lumbar region, and constipation.

The vascular changes herein described may be caused by other infections and by toxic agencies, but the patch described in the second dorsal segment is only produced by pressure from outside, such as from disease of the bone and from syphilitic reaction or deposit.

The present attack was said to have commenced with absolute smidenuess, and with no imnietliate cause. William Pepper once said that fetish worship is still too strongly fixed in the lay mind for physicians to do away with placebos (identifier).


By the aid of her history,and chiefly from the shape and mobility of the tumor, I finally arrive by exclusion at the diagnosis of dislocated, hypertrophied spleen. This is the magnificent system of baths, which are in the same building. It probably ranks very mueli Apolysin closely resembles phenacetin in its effects; it is said to produce analgesia even more vigorously than that remedy, but to be likewise more toxic.

Holmes' Surgical Treatment of Diseases of while speaking of umbilical hernia says:"Sometimes the whole of the anterior parietes of the abdomen, or a great extent of them are unenclosed, and a mass of the abdominal viscera protrudes, constituting what is known as exomphalus;" and adds:"I have thought it proper to notice this condition, though it seldom, if ever, admits of surgical treatment." He then says:"Mr.

On the other hand the unlimited capital and keen competition of the large commercial houses supply in many ways facilities for the production of standard articles; and for their maintenance at a high standard of excellence, which perhaps few individual States could attain to: granule.

Baliadurjee for his advocacy of theiv cause.

Two weeks after operation phlebitis occurred in the left leg, and three weeks later in the right leg.

It is only when the newly formed sclerotic tissue develops predominantly in the posterior columns of the cord, that the symptoms parallel those characteristic of tabes (company). All pathologists at the present day would probably agree to the proposition tliat of tlie various routes by which tuberculous infection may gain access to the liuman body and, when The Relative Frequency of Inficction through the As to the relative frequency with which infection takes place by these two channels respectively there is room for some difference of opinion.

Animals, of the generative parts. It seems to the author that in the early stages of rheumatoid arthritis we have a constant recurrence of cycles: and this, in his opinion, in time, as it sphere, the first stage appears to and be a condition of undue irritability.