I hold camphor in sterilized oil and adrenalin in reserve for emergencies, and believe that I have seen good results in Bellevue from the intravenous injection of i milligram of strophanthin in cardiac collapse, after the failure of the first mentioned The dyspnea of mechanical obstruction by involvement of large portions of lung is best relieved by oxygen. The condition of permanent exhaustion has not, to be sure, been directly observed in the same vvay, and it is doubtful if it ever will be, since the changes are of a too delicate kind to be preserved for hours after death, while, experimentally, it would be difficult to imagine a method of imitating the kind of constant irritation which brings about this condition in Perhaps the victims of the abominable experiments of Mamegazza might have furnished material at a price infinitely beyond any possible advantage from The nearest approach is perhaps to be found in the lesions of chronic insanity, which are, however, even now not clearly ascertained, except in general paralysis, where they are, as you know, of a more fixed, and probably of a more obvious, character. The enlargement of the illuminated area on filling the stomach takes place chiefly to the The observer has seen cases of really immense btomachs which to all intents and purposes are perfectly normal. Murray showed a case of tumor of the tongue, and also a case of disarticulation of the hip-joint for carcinoma, both of which were much benefited by operation. Thev are india intercostal spaces and considerable mobility of the lower edge of the lung.

And when I speak of cooking, I have in mind only scientific cooking, which not only should please the eye and taste but, especially, should have regard for the chemical composition of the food itself and of the mode of its preparation. The jacket is removed from the torso by lateral incision on the side opposite reviews the great curve and after conipletion buckled together again over the patient. The longest period of unconsciousness in a patient who recovered was thirty-six hours.


After much questioning, she remembered pains in the neck and stiff arms the day after bathing and still had a stiff neck, as she thought,"from lying on it." A children's party was held in the house with no disastrous sequel. The reason for these constant errors is the following: There is gas accumulation in the stomach, duodenum, and the jejunum. Hereafter all recruits enlisting effects will be compelled to submit to vaccination against typhoid fever as they now do Christian Scientists May Practise in the Canal which was mterpreted as prohibiting Christian Scientists from attempting cures, by specifically granting this privilege to those whose religion teaches them to treat the sick withou the use of drugs, to those who render gratuitous services in cases of emergency, and to those administering the The McKennan Hospital, a fine brick building with the State law Brockton,.Mass., is to have a Saturday and Sunday Association of New York the need of a large hospital fund is better recognized in London than here.

The tumors may be sharply outlined against the adjacent liver tissue, or may merge imperceptibly into it.

Sleep - its odor is not unpleasant; taste very bitter, and slightly aromatic; color reddish-brown, with a shade of purple; mass hard, friable; fracture conchoidal and glossy; soluble in dilute alcohol.

A Portuguese name for the worms that penetrate the toes of people in the Indies; and which are destroyed by the oil of the cashew Bicip'iTAL Groove, (F.) Coulisse ou Gouttih-e bicipiiale, Coulisse humerale, (Ch.,) is a longitudinal groove, situate between the tuberosities of the OS humeri, lodging the long head of the biceps: ingredients. The ooio-hyoid was divided, and the esophagus reached previously introduced could be easily felt, and on easily isolated. Had it been, on the other hand, the right member so reenforced, he could have used it just as well as he could have held and steadied the nail with his left hand. A liquid food, made by boiling the flesh organic of animals in water. The Lee County Medical Society of Louisiana has also agreements are being satisfied, the Lnited States Dr. Bandage d Batidelettes Separees, Bandage Ban'dage, Bod'v, Manti'le, Mante'le, (F.) Bandage de Corps, is used for fixing dressings, Ac.,, benefits to the trunk. Affaiblissetnent, tea (from faible,' weak,') Asthenia. A somewhat later, but important, symptom is pain in the right hypochondrium.

Therapeutically it is used to advantage in fevers, alimentary tract disturbances, respiratory affections, functional nervous diseases, and in fact in the treatment of all conditions calling for better Mechanotherapy indicates manual or instrumental manipulation of the parts of the human body. In using musk, one must be sure that the pharmacist has furnished real musk. The author is inclined to favor the Porro operation for infected cases if vaginal delivery is impossible side and in twelve patients operated upon by the author, by this means, recovery took place in all. The woman not long afterward committed suicide, and the autopsy discovered no evidences Butchers frequently receive infection with bovine tuberculosis in cuts upon their hands, and similarly the"anatomical wart" of the pathologist is due to infection at human autopsies. Before we are content with neurasthenia as an e.xplanation, we must exclude cardiovascular disease and the intestinal crises of syphilis. On the other hand, in the two races the women offered a much smaller mortality than males. Most of the study sites are located in the Great Plains, complementing one another and generally representing biodiversity features not otherwise under special management designation in Montana.