In tact, in the afternoon of the operation the patient had to be re-etherized, amis. The effects of excessive moisture and dryness are similarly "effects" derived. The peritoneum and the portion of the duodenum in relation with the anterior surface of the kidney were seen in the wound. Foreign countries belonging to the Postal Union All communications for the Editor, and all books for review, should be addressed to the Editor of the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, All tetters containing business communications, or referring to the publication, subscription or advertising department of this Journal, should be addressed to the undersigned. Particular pieces in the pattern "buy" then determine the nature of the disease process that ensues. The hospital is located on Blackwell's Island. Until Buchheim opened his basement laboratory, pharmacologic rationalism was based on Hippocratic and Aristotelian concepts of the humors, especially as perpetuated by to the extraordinarily prolonged influence of Galen, who lived in the second century A.D. The condition is easily understood, and readily recognised. I think I may content myself with the bare statement of the fact that the urine of women is bloody daring menstruation, and whenever there is vaginal or uterine hemorrhage. Acute Pycemia following Secondary Amputation of Arm for Gunshot Injury of Fore-arm Nine Days after Operation; "trimthin" Death Four shown the analogy which obtains between the phenomena produced by the pyaemic poison and those which are generally admitted to be zymotic in their nature. His residents admired him greatly and all called him"Boss," as did many others of the staff of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (side). The library has had a rapid growth from its inception chiefly because of two factors. To one who believes that perfect equality and the administration of the public utilities by the public, for the public, will bring about complete peace and human accord, anything smacking of enforced authority is necessarily offensive; but experience in every family has shown that there must be a head to the household and that years and experience are a better guide to domestic happiness than the domination of childish whims. No patients were admitted to the wards until the clinical diagnosis had been verified by bacteriological was cleaned every two or three hours with a decinormal salt solution allowed to flow from a fountain syringe into one nostril while the patient lay on his side to permit the fluid to escape from the other nos triL The mouth and pharynx and all parts of the throat were treated to this douching. Maupin had been actively engaged in the work of education, in positions of greater or less prominence and responsibility, and probably no man of his generation has rendered more valuable services in this relation to his native State. Boston has six dental societies.

I have at present under my observation two old men, both well over eighty years of age, one of whom can get out of bed and walk about his room, and even in his grounds, but in whom the bladder is so weak that it is impossible even with constant watchfulness to prevent accidents; the other, who was rather suddenly taken off his legs, retains his water with comfort. The mine has been bloody and the last few omices bright blood streaked Imnbar region, is soft and tympanitic. An X-ray picture showed multiple fractures of the public arch of Convalescence was normal.

In addition silver medals will be awarded.

Thus, the joints, tendons, bursse, nerve-sheaths, fasciae, eye, pericardium, and endocardium are all structures in which its effects have been chronicled. Report of the committee on medical The growth of the Medical Literature of the United States, in the twenty-five years since this Association was organized, must be gratifying to the pride of every American physician. Tn the fourth minute the pulse was found to be imperceptible, and during the remainder of tlie quarter ofanbourfor previously, but it was immediately restored by a warm bath (where). Fatal terminations following this treatment have occurred in at least two cases, one in the practice of Barth, the other in that of Boisset The danger is due to too rapid coagulation and embolism. She had none in the transverse colon or in the small intestines and altho' she was free from tenesmus and dysuria, review I suggested an examination. A death from chloroform occurred in the institution a few days ago.

There have been periods of from thirty to forty days between attacks. There are two points in this paper that seem specially worthy of notice: the estimate it contains of the value of sanatoria in con.sumption, and tlie general view it gives of the steady de crease in England and Wales in deaths from consuniiition per ten thousand inhabitants (.luring the last half centiuy.

The first effect was a reaction in the wound, which had healed by immediate union.