One or two current references are given on each section for more advanced and complete study. One difficulty in the way of accepting the theory of trophic nerve influence has been, to some extent, surmounted by the suggestion that separate trophic libres are not essential for the propagation of the impulse from trophic nerve-centres, but that the ordinary nerve-fibres may serve as the medium Mere spasm of bloodvessels, whether arterial and producing anaemia, or venous and producing mechanical hyperaemia, cannot be capable of producing gangrene, as is shown by the every-day experience that eitlier of these conditions may persist for hours, and even days, and yet not bring about any tendency toward gangrene.

The indication is spiritus aminonicB aromaticus, frequently repeated. During the following day there was no improvement; the patient was quite rational, able to talk, and fairly free from pain. Solomon in alFliis glory, possessing all the riches that man could desire, by which he could command the combined skill of all the master workmen, artists, and mechanics of his day, conld not array himself like one of these natural flowers; that is to say, he could not produce the lily; could produce only an imitation. No one thing in the practice of medicine, or in the philosophy of pathology can be of more vital importance than diagnosis. The fasciculi were separated by spaces occupied by numerous cells. Wallace Morton The Ohio State Medical Journal When he sees it engraved on a Tablet of Quinidine Sulfate he has the assurance that the Quinidine Sulfate is produced from Cinchona Bark, is alkaloidally standardized, and therefore of unvarying activity and quality.

I said most of the offal was washed off the smooth polished surface of the bowl in his bath room; some small quantity, however, frequently requires a vigorous rub to be displaced. From The Ohio State Medical Journal Annual Roundup on Federal, State and Loeal Taxes for Physicians W ITH the approach of another year, physicians are faced with the task of filing reports and paying taxes under hylands a number of categories of Federal, State and local laws.

The sphenoidal cells were entire, the" opening into which was easily seen, with a welldefined margin, covered with its proper lining membrane.

Water of large streams, if charged with deleterious products, will not after flowing several miles become wholly innocuous and be safe for drinking purposes. Insomnia - should the State subsidize beds for psychiatric patients in general hospitals and if so, who would treat the patient unless treatment was also subsidized? If there is subsidization for both hospitalization and treatment, would the medical specialists be receptive to the obvious advance of socialization of medicine? Would subsidized treatment promote extended or unnecessary' treatment by practicing psychiatrists? Admittedly, private insurance policies that have supported outpatient psychiatric treatment have encountered occasional abuse on the part of practicing psychiatrists in the form of excessive fees and prolonged treatment. New York, Antihypertensive efficacy of metolazone. Conklin), Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch, NJ. Observes, that the fecundity of marriages, is not, as has been supposed, in proportion to the comfort and independence of the community, and that fewer children are not horn from a given number of marriages, in countries which an; deficient of agriculture, It is here observed, that in the degree in which a nation advances in prosperity and civilization, premature and imprudent marriages will become less frequent, and the number of births be proportionately diminished. Furthermore, I do not understand of this procedure is. With polarized light microscopy, the starch granules had the configuration of the Maltese cross. After a few days rest in bed, if the fever returns and the temperature of the ward is excessive, the patient is returned to the tent in the open air, and given cold baths, or the cold applications may be used in the ward. In such cases there is always recurrence after removal, and the subjects die quickly. Confirmed by his own experience the observation of Dr. Advanced gingival hypertrophy and Few patients are literate, so eyeglasses are infrequently worn.

Chronic internal otitis and suppurative inflammation of the orbit may cause it, and also inflammation in the venous sinuses the result of a thrombus undergoing suppurative changes.

Second ribs, and passing upward and outward to be inserted into the superior angle of the scapula, opposite the insertion of the levator anguli scapula:; the aponeurotic fibres of the two muscles being in connexion at their insertion. Morrison, who practised for several years at Demerara, and Mr. The readiness with which young men who will do good work, and who will give themselves up to the best work that can be done, speaks well for the necessity of such institutions as this. But the supreme court of Michigan takes a different view of it. Liquefaction rapidly spreads throughout the whole of the medium, and the grovrth settles to the bottom as a bright yellow flocculent deposit. Milton Levine and name of your Auxiliary in print Want to focus attention on your activities? Want the doctors to appreciate Auxiliary work? Then be sure to send me The Cleveland Clinic Education Foundation is offering a postgraduate course in Ophthalmology on program will be presented by outstanding guest speakers as well as by members of the clinic staff (prices). The subconjunctival injection of a solution of chlorid of sodium in cases of synechia following iritis from all causes is undoubtedly valuable, but I should certainly avoid the use of any subconjunctival injections during the active stages of method in a fair number of cases in London and Paris and nod it myself, but gave it up because it was so painful. Bertrand, President, member of the French Academy, Perpetual Secretary of the Academy of Sciences.