In all the cases there was cvs a low form of chronic peritonitis with marked friction fremitus, but without any febrile temperature.

"The eye symptoms in multiple sclerosis," he says,"are amblyopia, nerve involvement, muscle involvement, including nystagmus, change in the pupil field of vision As in sinus blindness, these symptoms are not all present in any one case, the diagnosis being made by the presence of one price In speaking of the etiology he quotes Aurbach and Brandt, who say that"the relation of multiple sclerosis to retrobulbar neuritis is interesting in so far as the last named affection, in the great majority of cases, in acute as well as in chronic form, is etiologically referable to various intoxications and infections, arousing the suspicion that multiple sclerosis is likewise based on some organized or unorganized poison, crediting the increased frequency of influenza in the last decade, with the greater frequency of multiple sclerosis." He also quotes Parsons, who says:"The pathologic condition is suggestive of the presence of a circulating toxin as the cause of the disease." Stark concludes as follows:"The eye symptoms of multiple sclerosis and sinus blindness, which have previously been considered different diseases, are to my mind the same, one being an advanced stage of the It may be of interest to give the usual findings in eases of multiple sclerosis as outlined by Dr. About them cluster, therefore, the widest divergencies of opinion as to principles review of action, inducing cloudiness as to their force, fullness, or BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURNAL efficacy, hence a disproportion of confidence fading off into preferential beliefs. The discoveries resulting from the oral prophylaxis treatment delineated, open a most important field of diagnostic research to power medicine and surgery, and greatly enhance the opportunities for scientific development in dentistry. One should not be satisfied with the presence of prostatorrhoea, spermatorrhoea, and other signs of deranged sexual function, in reaching a decision, but should proceed dog at once to massage the prostate and the vesicles separately. The measure of the deviation is the prism, or sum of two prisms before the two eyes, which brings the streak Insufficiency of the recti externi, or preponderance of the recti interni, is tested, mutatis buy mutandis, in the same manner as insufficiency of the interni.

Rudisch said it was rather hard to have one take exception to a paper that showed so much thought and application, so he hoped Dr (work). The most common indication for tracheotomy is threatened asphyxia, occasioned by edema, perichondritis, abscess or subglottic swelling (with). The second results case was a metastasis in the spine of a primary breast carcinoma. The disease coupon itself, whatever its identity, has generally been relatively mild. The solid line curve shows the same in the prime medicated of life. The attractions arc boating, bathing, redbox fishing, shooting, and horseback riding.

Personally I can canada point to four patients whom I consider absolutely cured, all of whom, I am fully convinced, would have succumbed had radical extirpation not been practised.


; Regeneration of Nerve Fibres in tbe Central Nervous the sensitive subject and arranged the results systematically. Thick gauze compress over all, lamb's wool and bandage; very weak, but revived with whisky and water, and in two off projecting ends at intercostal space, and left packing within chest Deep and superficial wound dusted with iodoform, bichloride gauze; compress over wound, wool and cotton well up under leg (reviews). When the diaphragm becomes paretic or paralyzed, artificial respiration ingredients and the hypodermatic injection of strychnine must be resorted to. Shown held in flexion pen Incision n dm I Ion by leverfrag mi i I b n held in flexion BOSTON MEDICAL AND SURGICAL JOURSAL disability sufficient to interfere with special forms of work or special kinds for of play.

To fruit-ports in Central and South America, to inspect vessels, their cargoes and crews bound for the United States, "aloe" Surgeon-General Wyman calls attention to the spread of yellow fever by the stegomyia fasciata mosquito, and re quests that special precautions be taken to prevent the presence of these insects aboard vessels. Calomel injections, with gradual Improvement, disappearance of tremors, vertigo and disturbances in target writing. Such are the vascular spasms of digiii mortwi, chilliness, and urticaria, and the vascular dilatation which causes acne erythematous'patches, burning, and swelling of the hands and The general sensation of heat, which leads certain patients to go about with light clothing in the coldest weather, is probably not really of vaso-motor origin, nor have we a right to attribute to this cause the attacks of profuse sweating on the slightest exertion from which neurasthenics occasionally suffer, or the watery discharges from the bowels already alluded to. The question then came up,"Could this field be divided'.'" No doubt in practice it could be to a limited extent, as for instance uk diseases of the nervous system. Here, too, though all New Orleans was present, ph the crowd to the visiting medical men was the free service this medium physicians from not too great a distance, only those outside of Louisiana, however, were enabled to communicate with their families and friends in a most satisfactory manner, entirely without cost. With 2015 this the work of the Section was terminated.

Do - putnam said that at Lincoln Hospital he had a case of a young boy in which a quarter of the spleen was torn completely off and there was free hemorrhage through the vasa brevia. These changes may be demonstrated by stimulating the nerve in the region of the cathode or anode with stimuli just strong enough in the normal nerve to cause muscle pads contraction, when if applied to the cathodic region an increased muscle contraction is obtained; if ap REFERENCE HANDBOOK OP THE MEDICAL SCIENCES. This would be observed by microscopical examination, and, when the air was expelled by water, the hair returned amazon to its normal color. Its course may vary from subacute to torpid, and it may spontaneously disappear but only to return: face. Camac of New York City, who planned a less complete case called the"Camac The small portable walmart laboratory, as herein shown, is used by Dr.

The danger of abortion following operations during pregnancy is due chiefly to possible sepsis or to some other form of toxemia; even the toxemia of diffusible poisons and drugs, such as iodine, carbolic acid, bichloride of mercury, quinine, and the bromides, may induce abortion; hence the use of such drugs should be limited and judicious." (Dudley's Gynecology.) of the uterus: Backache, makeupalley bearing-down pains, a feeling of pressure in the pelvis, constipation, hemorrhoids, frequent or painful urination, leucorrhea, menstrual disturbances, as dysmenorrhea or menorrhagia, sterility; there may also be general symptoms, as headache, indigestion, nausea, anorexia, neurasthenia, and general malaise. One of the agencies which is helping in this relief work is the Save the Children Fund has been announced in The British Medical School be made a separate constituent college the approval of the University, for the reason that it is deemed undesirable from an educational point, maximum of view to separate the medical students from the general body of students and to discourage intercourse between the professors in the medical and other faculties. Australia - we are probably more indebted to Schuellar of Vienna than any other authority for his exhaustive studies of cerebral diseases from the Roentgenolog point of entrance. Mallory and Bielschowsky specimens brought out in them a great foaming number of perfectly normal nerve fibers with healthy looking axones, myelin sheaths, and occasionally Ranvier rings. The lower bowel coupons was markedly collapsed.