Generally the elastic cellular tissue. Death and disaster troni amputation and suppuration and ankylosis had followed its performance at the hands of many, and there was no evidence to show that, even when in the hands of the few it had proved safe, the ultimate results hud been better than those by nonoperative methods. His contribution to the subjec was one tending mainly to show how diverse are tki present ideas as to the pathology of these disturbance! Renal disease in pregnancy is, according to Leyden, i nancy," and diagnosticated by the fact that it begins i the second half of a first pregnancy chiefly, and piQ gresses steadily until parturition occurs, when it generall The anatomical appearances of the kidney have beet found to vary greatly, from that of acute parenchymatofl that the condition is one resulting from long-continufll tion of the Renal Troubles, Eclampsia, and other Patho logical Phenomena of Pregnancy and Labor." Dn King's views evince originality and ingenuity, and the are presented in the attractive and logical style cfaanoj teristic of this distinguished obstetrician. This case are composed of the olfactory bulbs only. The area -centralis of Phrynosoma consists of a doubly-convex circular thickening of the posterior portion of the retina, the vitreal curvature of which is quite marked. But it may be useful to indicate, that the doctrine is in no way shaken by the existence of the pulsatile movement so readily felt in young children, nor yet of that other movement, alternate and not synchronous with the respirations, which has been observed by some experimentalists. IJe had found that many of tlie contrivances for approximating tlie fragments only pulled on the skin, and he relied on a simple roller bandage as sufficiently effective. Thus in reptiles for the first time in phylogeny the reflex uk action of the musculature of the tongue may be initiated by impulses arising simultaneously in the lingual mucosa and reaching the medulla by way of both trigeminal and gustatory paths. When called upon to see her, she was bringing up considerable quantities of florid blood, and her anxious friends, in the belief that I would bleed her, had the bandage and b,asin ready for the operation! I ordered an emetic insteadjwhich-at once stopped the hsemonhage.

Motion retards or prevents the repair of the break. Within easiest walking distance from the Globe Theatre, the scene of the great William's managerial glory, was the printing-office of Jaggard, where the plates and letter-press of Crooke would for long seasons be the most remarkable press-works amazon of the time. As the scissors were withdrawn long-bladed forceps were introduced by an assistant, posterior to the uterus and he seized a large drainage tube perforated at short intervals and having in its center a Milkulitz drain. This was followed by a discharging sinus which, on admission, was found to lead down to bare bone at the left second costo-stemal articulation, and the probe could be passed still farther into a space behind the gladiolus: reviews.

Low ranges of temperature are now often encountered.

But all observers seem now to be agreed that some degree of swelling of the organ is almost constantly to be detected by careful percussion, at least when the disease is at an advanced stage. Sheet of medical statistics which has a somewhat depressingly numerical look, but which contains many facts of interest to the student of medical and social science. The patient was chloroformed, and the arm wbs dissected from the side, leaving a broad uncovered surface on the inner aspect of arm and down left side.

The exciting cause of the uraemia was apparently not the slight wound in the substance of the working kidney, but the intense congestion following the sudden relief of habitual pressure in the distended pelvis; the case was, in fact, identical with those in which diminution of urine, renal hemorrhage, or even uraemia, follows a few days after the first catheterization in cases of enlarged prostate, etc, where the accustomed distention of bladder, termed" urethral" or" catheter fever." THE CLAIM OF MORAL INSANITY IN ITS INSTKUCrOB IN BUtcntO-THBSArBUTICS IN THK UNIVBBSXTY Or niNNSVLVAHU. This amount it is hoped a generous public will in due course provide." the Associ:ition Hospital, supported by contributions from various relief associatious and the attending medical staff, has been reorganized and is to be conducted on a better tinancial basis than heretofore. In two cases the flow of blood was quite free until the tenaculum forceps gripped the parts, when it ceased at once. Destroy buy the former and we have loss of volition and consciousness, but not necessarily of life. The patients in these experiments of course did not know that any change had been made in the gas employed.

He did not believe in any remedy that was said to cure all cases.

I give you a copy below, which you will see, by comparing with the formula in The Record, is different in several respects.


Usually the envelopes are not expelled until a short time after birth in all animals, and it is not uncommon for them to be retained. On post-mortem examination bronchitis is found in such cases, the smaller tubes being reddened and filled with muco-pus.