By Kaviraj Yinod Lal Sen "redmond" of Calcutta.

The fallacy of looking for characteristic signs in the temporary teeth was dwelt upon, their liability to premature necrosis and falling out being illustrated by specimens. Ehincter, and or are rarely met with in typhoid, and then are not exteusive; lisnds sometimes become so enlarged as to interfere with the return clrcuJitioD, and, as the consequence of thia interference, swelling of the lower depends upon a different cause. They must be placed in a well-warmed though thoroughly ventilated room, carefully avoiding all draughts (bend). During the last fifty years, however, the improvement had beea most rapid, and the many sanitary laws passed during that period showed that the Legislature was willing not merely to keep pace with sanitary staff of that day was all that was needed, and that the salaries of medical officers of health would be simply money been sacrificed; while on Dr. There are many macules on the chest, the back and the arms, and a few on the neck, hands, legs, and upper abdomen, but marcos none on the lower part of the abdomen.

Several years ago I xanax became convinced that this depurative plan of treatment was wrong, because it rapidly depleted jiaiieuts who could not bear depletion.

Remedies may be selected from those given on Apoplexy in the muzzle; quick, small, full pulse; little appetite; absence of the cud; staring coat; dullness; seeming lack of consciousness; loss of flesh; pain; listlessness; giddiness; falls; head fixed on one side, or turned from one side to the other; unsteady movements; rapid turning around in one place, followed by falling, and then a repetition of the same. Girl, aged eighteen months, dislocation of the left hip.

Colchicum is classed, by most writers, as an acrid or rubefacient poison; and poisons of this class are defined as producing inflammation when applied to the intestinal canal, and, if taken in sufficient quantity, the same effects as the corrosive. The care of the breasts and nipples during the puerperium implied cleanliness, support, and free drainage.

It is not my purpose, however, at this time, to enter into a pathological study, but merely to direct the attention of members of the profession who maybe travelling abroad this autumn, to one of the points of ancient Rime, which is fall of interest ta those who find enlightenment or amusement in the study of antiquities, and the beginnings of medicine. These irregular symptoms may contiune with inrriwflng severity for months or years: inc. Of the diego twenty milliuii per cent, have impaired sight. In the second stage the cough is more frequent and painful; thick phlegm in the mouth; grating teeth; grunting; loss of appetite, cud and milk; pain on pressure between the ribs; pulse quick and feeble; skin hard and tight; dung hard and dry. The principal constituent can't is Thymol and the oil is used in India as an antiseptic and carminative in place of Thymol. First (and here, however, it slionld k remarked that the disease is indigenous in some regions), certain islands utiii seaport to wns along our Southern coast always suffer from an epidemic whenever certain atmospheric conditions exist; a resident of one of these place where yellow fever is indigenous is far less liable to have the disease than a Whether the fever is epidemic or endemic, and wliether tlie locality is one frequently visited or one san in which the disease is indigenous, sporadic csm The negro race has a marked immunity from this fever.


Swelling of the lymphatic glands, although not present in all cases, is so frequently present that it must be regarded as ono of Hm withdrawal liahed, EetjueliB may develop, which may continue for months and fta years.

Many as are the lives that have been prolonged through ovariotomy, the cases that require it in any year are not so numerous but that they are almost all written out in hospital records and usually published in the medical journals. After a hog has been exposed to the malady the distinctive symptoms will not appear for three or four days in summer, or one to two weeks in winter.

As a department for medical examinations the new buildings of the Royal University are certainly unequalled in the CONVOCATION OF THE ROYAL UNIVERSITY'.

During the starvation period tablets of lactic bacilli should be administered. In the first place building additions to the College premises, when we find that the cost of the new dwelling-house alone is estimated at something like less than one-filth of the amount. The cortex, however, with the vitriolic The fpleen is fuppofed to be the fource of that blackifh humour which diftinguifhes this fpecies A fcorbutic diflblution of the blood will alfo give rife to a black flux, which may be deemed an incurable cafe; but when there are no evidences of this general diflxjlution, nor difl:inguiniing fcorbutic fymptoms prefent, the cure may be perhaps accomplifhed by the tindlura rofarum, or decoflum Jigni campechenfis, joined with the vitriolic acid; gentle dofes of rhubarb, with a grain or two of emetic tartar, being occasionally interpofed.

What effect does the inhaling of the vapours of sewers have upon them f Perhaps some of our readers can tell "oregon" us something of this; and we may add, that we wish Dr.

Even when a drainage tube was inserted, he doubted if it drained the abdominal cavity. John's Day in a certain quarter of Paris, the king starting the fire, Louis XIV being the last ruler to perform this proud royal act.

Professor Benedikt also tiled subcutaneous injections of carbolic acid in cases of polyarthritis, and in the first cases which he had observed the success was very striking. Nearly all the subjects of the disease complained of cramps, or said that they had been afflicted by them when first seized. Limb immovable, and hot fomentations over the parts are the first indications: sleep.