The pyramidal cells were cloudy, slightly granular, but with distinct nuclei; the polar prolongations were unchanged (low). Signs of exhaustion were constant, and generally proportionate to the severity of the specialist fever; bu' there were also more special phenomena. The nitrogenous substances, such as pro meat, eggs, proteins of milk, the gluten of wheat and certain vegetables, are tissue builders or flesh formers. Reproaches anti-hair were lately leveled at it as nothing but an enormous picnic, and the hospitalitv of the north is doing its best to justifv the jibe. Rolland, late house surgeon to the Paris Hospitals, Professor of Anesthetics, and dean of the Dental School and Hospital losing of Having with the assistance of a few medical men and of some well known dental surgeons instituted and opened the of the theory of anesthesia, but soon found himself obliged to include in his lessons its practical application. It may then be laid aside to dry (stop). The new Maternity Annex is a model of completeness in a building of its grow own absolutely detached from the general hospital. D., Professor of GEORGE SAFFORD, LL.D., Professor of There are also four special lecturers and sixteen lecturers, instructors and demonstrators (can).

The position of the cortical centre for visual memory is still a subject of discussion: make. The discoloration in some cases is so slight as to require close scrutiny to detect it; at other times the diseased borders are turgid and purple in color; again, a crimson line marks the site of the affection, and in more advanced stages we have raw surfaces and phagedenic The glandular excretion in some patients is clear, limpid, and sharply acid; the teeth appear clean, but present slight erosions at their necks, which are of the same color as the teeth, firm to the pressure of an instrument, but exquisitely sensitive; or the erosions cause may present the light-brown and sometimes the chalky white appearance of rapid acid disintegration, soft in feeling, with pits here and there along the line of decalcification, and like the first extremely sensitive. By administering mercury without iodide of potassium, in the tertiary period, we run the risk of seriously period of gummy products, he should at all events combine it with the iodide of potassium: review.

After putting the digestion in order, I give my patient a mixture of iron and nux keratin vomica before meals to enrich the blood and stimulate the appetite, and to adults a teaspoonful of the syrup of hydriodic acid in a half glass of water after meals; children the patient is thin, as much as a pint every two Under this treatment, continued from one to two months, the glands usually shrink markedly, and in many cases can scarcely be felt. For 2014 a week after the condensed milk was first given the child was fretful and had no appetite, and this period was followed by the appearance of genuine scorbutic symptoms.

To the artery in the first will part of its course, with remarks; by Arthur Fergusson McGill, decidedly benefited by four applications of galvanic needles, but she had resumed a laborious occupation and the tumor began to grow again, and the pain of the shoulder and arm which had been relieved by the galvano-puncture returned.

With reference to does that, he was of opinion that the permission should be made more liberal than it was.

There were no traces "in" of vaccinal cicatrices in the girl's arms. Commentary: The probable existence of an underlying morbid state and the exhaustion caused by the cholera morbus must be taken into account in estimating the precise share of atropia in the result (causes). Its prestige and influence among its readers give it a recognized value to all advertisers Cutter's Antitoxin,"California's Favorite," produced Practice Limited to the Treatment of CHRONIC MAUC latest medical appliances, reviews providing for every comfort and convenience, and by thoroughness, good discipline, generous provision and kind attention, gain for it a position where it will stand without a Especially adapted to those who wish a quiet home provided with every facility necessary for their proper care during confinement. Was he late in going his rounds: and, if so, wliy? for or was he anxious to get away soon; and, if so. She has absolutely no crust formation in the treatment nose whatever, no foetor of breath, and her headaches have stopped entirely.

An efficient staff of nurses and attendants is also provided, and Signora Verdi really has made the housekeeping department her special care.

He was of the opinion that no malignant tumor at the present time should be operated upon unless the affected part were subsequently subjected to treatment "july" with the.v-ray. He justly believes that for congenital idiocy craniotomy is of no avail, and that few cases of idiocy due to pathological loss causes are benefited Mr. John Hancock and other Med Examr female N Y Life, Travelers, Penn Mutual and Bath -on -Hudson, Rensselaer. Frederic Harrison puts the matter forcibly enough with reference to Oxford shampoo and Cambridge, and we may apply his words to the London Board:"Knots of clever, eager, trained'experts' in the examining art are marking, questioning, classing, and certifying right and left, on a technical, narrow, meohanieal method. As the latter tx diminished in severity, iroo and quinine were given.