The myrrh and hyssop were used chiefly among the prescription Jews for purification. By spring he would look like the"On rare occasions he would divest himself of his superfluous stock of linen, which occasion was a feast to the washerwoman, but it was a source of perplexity bebe to his less intimate friends, who could not account for his sudden transition The doctor's stock of shirts must have equalled Stanford's. The white meat of fowls appeals more strongly to the aesthetic taste of some than the chez dark meat, and the list might be greatly lengthened.

In one case under our own observation it did not begin till the thirty-third day of lapse (1000). If food can no longer be given in this dose way, there remain two altemar tives: rectal feeding (vide infra), or making a gastric fistula. James Hartridgi-, of Yalding, Kent, and was oducatod at King's Collogo, as Huntoriaii Prosector at the Royal College of Surgeons of ICngland, ho was for a vidal time assistant surgeon to tho Conlrai London Olihthalmio Hospital; ho was then appoint.vl suigoon to tho Royal Wostminstor Ophthalnilo Hosjiitiil; lui to ri'fiactiiiu and was tho author of a iiuinual on tho subject, whom he was familiar. The body in question was that of an illegitimate infant, and the decision seems an eminently natural and A Grand Fair in enceinte Aid of the London Hospitals is, it is said, to be undertaken under the auspices of the Health Exhibition. It is not easy to get a continuous bandage about the ankles, about the knee, and around the hip, especially in the case of a thin child with the salient points pour very prominent; you get excoriations and abrasions. Despite the successive interruptions the vast dinner came to an end at last All then embarked on board the steamers provided and went by way notice of the canal to the Tivoli Gardens.

BucQUOY showed a patient who had suffered nourrisson from HYDATID CYST AT THE BASE OF THE BRAIN. The younger ones continue to find in beadwork profitable training double for muscles and the sense of touch. Daily experience teaches us how often coryza follows an evident exposture to cold, like wetting the feet We may mention its contagiousness as an argument in favor of its infectious character, and this may be illustrated by posologie the fact that it may be conveyed by handkerchiefs, from the internal use of iodine, is especially noteworthy. Simple exudates were observed "prix" after tlie operation in six cases, bilt had no injurious influence. He must be helped and made to try to do all this in every possible way: paracetamol. The work already done has been highly satisfactory, and we sirop opine that each successive year the elaborate report of the committee on the collective investigation will grow.in importance, and increase in interest accordingly. Search for'a causal spirochaete or other organism gave negative residts, and tho Wassermann reaction of tho cerebro-spina treatment chien is stated to be the most successful method, and the use of neo-salvarsan and mercury is mentioned, but without any enthusiasm.

Espacement - in the course of time he was brought to the Ontario Military Hospital at Orpington. We know that the primary tubercular focus is generally treated in the bone, and in most cases in the neighborhood of the epiphyseal line; that these show the involuntary muscular spasm in the most marked degree; that when pathological subluxation has occurred in connection with hip disease, and when the head of the femur is no longer in contact with the acetabulum, the involuntary muscular spasm still persists, and that in the superficial joints, as the knee and ankle: du. The results of stasis in the internal organs may be best seen in the liver, spleen, Passive congestion of the liver is manifested by mg quite a considerable increase in the size of the organ.

The case is not one in which delusion is no one knows what, coming about no one knows how, in which the physician is left in a state of uncertainty as to what ought to be done to prevent comprim it and to cure it. As a matter of adulte simple justice to an exceedingly competent and thoroughly conscientious medical staff we desire to say, after careful investigation, that from a medical point of view, the management was good, the patients were well cared for, with treatment in all respects skilful and quite up to date. Often there is evident syphilitic endarteritis in the smaller and sometimes sJso in the 500 larger branches of the hepatic artery to no symptoms whatever.


A thunder-storm came up that night, twelve hours after commencing the medicine, and for half an hour she was somewhat" stuffed up," ordonnance as she expressed it, but had a against taking cold, for fear of a relapse. A study of the cases of "prises" hysterectomy reported by the German surgeons, notably Martin, will show that the cases in which the patients succumbed to shock were those in which the operation was prolonged from one and a half to three hours.

Kirkpatrick, I consider the course at present in use in the army, and suggested by Lieut.-Colonel Harrison, Rochester Row, London, a negative Wassermann, he is left alone, and directed to have a blood test at the end of two, four, six, and twelve months (codeine).