There is both pain in the eye, and around the orbit, exacerbations occurring especially at night, and the sight is necessarily obscured or obstructed according to the "ingredients" extent of the preceding lymph exhibits itself under various forms. We then advised that if we had our little band night take Rock Island, where the prison guards numbered seven hundred and the prisoners seven thousand.

Doctors may cure diseases, but they cannot do much to remedy sudden death. This patient had skin, lung and bone involvement, and, although the skin and lung disease cleared on therapy, the bone disease continued to progress.

The Conference of State and Provincial Boards of Health of North America, at Washington, is a plea urging the conference to put itself on record as follows:"Believing that all attempts to restrain smallpox by means of quarantine in a community not protected by vaccination will fail; that rigid quarantine in a well vaccinated community is unnecessary; that attempts to control the spread of smallpox by means of quarantine is unscientific, irrational, unsuccessful, and misleading; that in laying down strict rules for the quarantine of smallpox, sanitary authorities are favoring unscientific and illogical methods and are conveying false ideas as to safety, this conference those of Germany, requiring (i) the compulsory on record as requesting that steps be taken to secure a safe and efficient vaccine, and that vaccination be carried out by oflficial vaccinators acting under the authority of the various State boards of health; also that steps be taken to secure a vaccine the quality and efilciency of which goes to much trouble to show that hitherto no one has solved the question regarding the nature of hunger, appetite, and side anorexia. Before cutting loose from the subject of true and false neuralgic and rheumatic pains about the jaws, the veritable visitations of "effects" which are generally benefited by applications of heat, I would bring to your attention the availability and convenience of the Japanese stove, in almost any locality of the body where it is desired to employ dry warmth. Fulton, the chairman of the Committee on N'ecrology, read a list of members of the profeson who had gone to their last resting place since the previous meeting of the Association. This series and a review of the literature will be Vertebral-to-Carotid Artery Transposition, a Surgical Treatment for Vertebral Basilar Insufficiency. I gradually increased the size of the bougie used in proportion to the decline of hyperesthesia and was the largest that would pass through the meatus without cutting. Young, Office of CME, Internal Medicine Symposium (Eastern Virginia Medical School), Virginia Beach. Wherever there was a more local disease of the nerves, as hvsterical paralysis of the head or wind-pipe, and neuralgias, I employ the vibratode adapted to the affected region, and treat also the root of the affected nerve if the trouble is neuralgia. In some instances the attack consists of forced movements, such as the sudden running forward of procursive epilepsy. Clinical Professor Emeritus of Hamlin, Paul A. It w as hard work, and my drug and alcohol abuse was continuous, so my physical and mental condition deteriorated rapidly. Easily two thirds of the pain and suffering endured by the wounded in war is not due to the wounds themselves or to the process of healing, but to suppuration and infection; and all this has been wiped out by antiseptic surgery. Free hooklets are often found; they are of absolute diagnostic value when detected in the fluid obtained by an exploratory aspiration. Nordmann There is a very intelligent paper by Mr.

AND ACUTE OTITIS MEDIA IN CHILDREN Children: Recommended dosage for children with urinary tract infections or acute otitis use one-half the usual regimen. I tried different medicines and food preparations but did not seem able to correct the difficulty. In some cases the pulse is feeble without being rapid. Clearly he was suffering from a psychotic depression that was amenable to treatment; he was a nonsuppressor on the DST. In children, however, a rapid pulse is not of so much importance, recovery being possible even with and to be due to the inspiratory stretching of the alveolar subcrepitant rale may arise either from the rubbing together of the inflamed pleurae or from exudate in the small bronchi Slight dulness is apparent by a percussion-note of shorter duration, higher pitch, and less resonance than normaL sltght dulitos or dull tympany; brc;i(hing feeble or bitnb: crepitant and subcrepitant ptcuriUc rila.

I have diagnosed this as spinal caries Treatment consists of hygiene and careful feeding, with cod-liver oil, rest The baby's condition is better, but the paralysis continues and there seems to be a slight elasticity of right arm.

Lincoln; and while everybody was shocked at his murder, the feeling was nearly universal that the accession of Johnson to the Presidency would prove a godsend to the country. As the cause is not eliminated by these One of the principal causes of constipation in modern hfe is the almost universal employment of the whitest possible wheat flour in making bread, biscuit, pastry, etc. A pills well developed stenosis (mitral or aortic) is usually attended by its companion, re gurgitation; but regurgitation is not usually attended by stenosis. When the kidney is involved in this way there are not apt to be uraemic symptoms, but the temperature and pulse are affected for the worse, and the There may be pyelitis, with the passage of mucus and pus from the kidney; in the urine either Eberth's bacillus or the colon bacillus may be found.