Bedsores are rarely present and never of that character peculiar to myelitis with iso extensive necrosis.


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And an interview is being arranged with the Appointments Department of the Miuistry of Labour to go more fully into the last named aspect of the War Emergency Fund of the Hoyal Medical Secretary, in response to the recent appeal, and has beeu supplement passed on to the Tre.isurer of the War Emergency Fund. When awake he complained of persistent severe headache, and it was thought that lie "cheap" might be suffering from acute tuberculosis with meningitis. David McEwau buy from the chau' of surgery, which he has held for twenty-one years, was received, as also the resignatioti of Professor C. Ctoii parte ftalipe frnfce of ttjc ccjtftj Se tlje rcmctyeg foi tijc ireb iTo? to fircngtije ant) to co cemp ggaprtBe feabbes on tfec cacti fce gone I'fcolfc be mxtfift ecu Bgapnttc tte sraucll o? ccjcutc fte tcmcDpciB tor aittU cctfjp ttowtDcs anD t;is at cpDe cd tm bepe oi is bottb an olbc oibs boounbes of rolDc oi of tie tc toitftutt mopfture compngc ef col cijije fcjto cattle one to burn ftrete C it ficure anbttenefce otttje totjat mancc of umtecs cupti itttc otttuiacDe mtD blayncs'itameb cnfifuto ofallmanct of tote fozes clrto U)Uct) be i: et Ipecpotlp at cljtjmit tbe bete ftolb be ujitbt zp tffctii Sol co coic anb to tyjttyla toipen anD ft a bobp be collie of lit comceoitj fcotmtfbalbe npm anb tbe temebpesf bermpn ts crept in a ma Ippnhcc ffo; to mi'npffyc tfa leclje for to make a tooman tegitlre compjebenDpngc is come bctnoene tbe ftm dnift to mocbeorcupieD tte brctljc of ncr tlrpiU (bat tvnge o j luttc _of cornea tecs fljsll be bzougW cute boater ttjcy mvgbt baue a puryfrcD tn feet bepattyn as uotjan a mapfce fcettj to f otto put vftt a tooman attp of ftis toatcts Wait cremt Sgapnne m foes of tljc ajgapnft tfje moibeneS of papne aboutc tfce naupii, ectom tm toai I not be eaten of Co mafec fcm'tc anD pars anD fcuctj tiftst mater u ft;ail be to mocfce Octree tt tocceanb mo?e,pnta b!c to toioDjc tbe lecneb mebptpnes tbtfc p?e fent opera no? pet tfjc complete bntmpmateD bcpnebagapnftaimanecof fefeenel bobpbzpcb amapftcofumeb'c? mop rtjat baue no pbPf pepons no? can get tbe tofticb tbe natucaii bete tbat (boi te no mebpepnali fubftauccS' fo? iac be pjcfccuc tbe Ipfe of ma is bole mp tptl tljat tbep mape gettc an erpcrte tucaii betbe tottbout ahp papne, tbe ecpecpeme tbat l baue fotmbe J counfeti pou anb mftantlp tcqit tp tfm manec boeit pleafpng to tbe toatce is goob for tijem to be fcronftc LL cijts ijccbc is of.lunaucrs plaftce lapb fcfo it.

Its fine pulverization enables the physician to cover daemon a large surface with a very small quantity of the drug. Her fever was nero gone in thirty-six hours and her throat clean; the quinine and iron mixture were given as in the other cases, and on the third day I were covered with a light diphtherite. He was a good student, weight standing well in his classes and had unusual capacity for concentration. Burning - in other words, I believe it is as good a drug as we very few remarks to add to the paper which I have read. It is highly desirable that this should be tried, and it will then be most interesting to have a further report on a more HISTORY OF MEDICAL "to" CHARITY IN PERU.

Non-union of intracapsular fracture of burner the hip is, it is true, often found.