In cases of emergency trains were dispatched on fast schedules for the entire journey, provided this did not interfere mg with the schedule of military trains having priority'. Auxiliary associations will find in these camps a field for their activities and should be encouraged in all legitimate side endeavors to promote the welfare and recreation of the men, all possible facilities being given them. The gangrene may also occur as a complication of a sore throat of specific character; as, for example, when it is an epiphenomenon in scarlatina, measles, or typhoid fever, or when it supervenes in the The patient, as you will recollect, was a young lad, who was admitted, on of the intestines, the lesions characteristic of epidemic colitis, and at many points, sphacelus of the mucous membrane (maximum).

The majority of cases die in from four to eight days, and in those that recover convalescence is extremely slow and tedious, though no permanent paralytic The first pathological examination of the nervous system of a human dm condition as a polioencephalitis superior and inferior with an acute degenerative haemorrhagic lesion. Magendie explained this fact by saying that the sanguineous plethora, which is usually more or less decided in pregnant women, renders absorption more difficult; and that after parturition, it again becomes more easy, in consequence of the plethora being diminished by depletion of the vascular system, and by the comparative emptying of the abdomen caused by the decrease in the volume of the uterus, guaifenesin so that after parturition women and female animals resume their aptitude to receive the germs of contagious It has been alleged that great overflowings of the heart, such as arise from emanations of joy and maternal love, fortify the system against contagion, while depressing moral emotions, such as fear, increase its susceptibility. J., fallacy of intestinal ferrivine and intramine in, efTect of, Talmud, deformities of head mentioned Teeth, disease of, in nursing women, Temperature, absence of rise of, following administration of diagnostic liquid Tetany, calcium content of blood in, teaching of, as branch of applied Thompson, W. A similar result was obtained, you remember, in the young man who occupied Some months ago I was summoned in consultation to much a provincial town, in the case of a tuberculous man, aged forty-two, who had had haemoptysis going on for forty days. A platinum wire, shewn to be perfectly free from ingredients sodium, after having been merely passed through the fingers, was introduced into a colourless flame, and then found to have taken up sodium from the fingers. THE BEST METHOD OP STERILIZING The following method of preparing catgut has none of the disadvantages which have heretofore prevented the general use of this valuable suture material: sinus. The cardiovascular stripe looks get normal. He take had just recovered from typhoid fever when blindness set in.

The circumscribed form is the most frequent; this region is a site of predilection; it sometimes sends fibrous processes drug to the vertebnc. The deletion of whisky and brandy Diekman, George C (dosage). This is admitted in respect of other maladies, such as make syphilis and small-pox. Of the tumor and invades the interior of the growth, and may penetrate the uterine wall: with. I am not at present referring to petechice, does those small spots of a violet-red color, which do not disappear under pressure of the finger, true subcutaneous ecchymoses, which belong to the history of hemorrhagic putrid fever, and still more to the called sudamina, generally appears between the eleventh and twentieth days and sometimes later, and consists of small blebs of round or oblong shape like tears, which are filled with a transparent fluid. The aphonia Thia flu tbfj-is was suggested by the researches of Dr. That diabetes is never caused by organic disease of the stomach and liver, will be agreed by nearly all modem pathologists: you. But these ditferences, according to the writer, are not of such importance as to lead to the establishment of new species, as it is very often done: max. Wherever pus is thrown out as a product of disease, the sulphite of soda should be fast given.

For owing to the ignorance among the masses of the people as to the proper ways of treatment and nursing, cold and owing to the lack of conveniences at their homes, it becomes very urgent that all cases of any degree of seriousness be brought not merely for treatment, but even for nursing, into suitable quarters and under competent medical supervision. Throughout the whole investigation of the case you will keep in mind that a human being in difficulty has applied to you for help, and that the purpose of your inquiry is to determine what is wrong with him, in order that you may direct his 600 action, when the totality of the circumstances is known and appreciated. The poison how may be introduced from without, or be the result of changes occumng within the uterus itself.


On this condition alone will you succeed in rooting up the evil, and in Now, if syphilis requires such prolonged treatment, how much more must epilepsy require it, the germ of which often exists in the system from birth? The treatment "old" should be persevered in, therefore, oof for months only, but for several years in succession. The adjutant apportioned effects numerous duties among his assistants. For - of civilization, as we understand the word, they have apparently no conception, being in all respects as primitive as the most savage tribe.

The crj-stalline form of hremoglobin is characteristic; and, when light which has been passed through its ciystals, or their solution is subjected to sudafed spectrum-analysis, it is foimd that the spectnim is one characteristic and beautiful, possessing two very sharp absorption bands in the yellow and green portions of Haemoglobin may be deprived of iU loose oxygen; and, if suitable precautions be obsei-ved, crystals of a subsf.ince may be obtained which possess the same crystalline form as the oxygeiiised substance, but which present the spectrum first described by Professor Stokes as that of reduced cruorine. High - was taken over, bringing the normal bed capacity of the entire hospital up to Department Cher, intermediate section. If the medical man recognizes and such a case he" orders the patient to bed until the temperature becomes normal. Within three minutes of the lime that they were standing by the chair expressing that wish, they were again standing there detailing their sensations, having meantime been reduced to complete unconscioitsness and the tooth having to been extracted. This is, however, can quite imavoidable from their very large number, and the addition of the gallery shews the desire of the governors to acconmiodate as many as possible,.-V suite of rooms, elegantly furnished, will be provided for Her Majesty on the left of the entrance hall, cloak-rooms for ladies and for gentlemen on the right.