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Epitracker - as I read the text, I felt a constant urge to underline sections of specific interest for quick future reference and review. Biologist, United States Public Health Service In the treatment of malarial fevers, the public health officer has seen cause for despairing of obtaining a complete cure (definition). The original had kansas been found by test to be thoroughly reliable and apparently an unsatisfactorv stain had been substituted later bv the manufacturer. A well man has certain well remarked expressions epitrapezia by sick man wears certain expressions in contra-distinction to those of a man in perfect health. An attempt was made to overcome them partially by collecting stools as they birth occurred over a period of seventy-two hours, determining in each stool the urobilin and urobilinogen content, and then dividing the total dilutions by the number of the twenty-four hour periods studied, namely, three. In epitrack spite of the host of agents employed. ORIGINAL ARTICLES and ANNOTATIONS, contributed by prominent Medical Men residing in all parts of the World; A MIRROR OF PRACTICE, consisting of Clinical Notes of Cases pattern of interest to the Profession; A PORTRAIT GALLERY of Indian Medical Celebrities, with Biographical Sketches; LEADING ARTICLES and EDITORIALS on Professional, Scientific, Social and General Topics; REVIEWS and NOTICES of Books; MEDICAL NEWS LETTERS from London, Paris and New York; REPORTS of Indian Medical Societies and of the Meetings of the Medical Association of India; MEDICAL NEWS and Comments; an extensive and wellarranged Selection of CURRENT MEDICAL LITERATURE from Medical Journals published in all parts of the World; CORRESPONDENCE; VITAL STATISTICS, All business communications referring to Advertisements, Ctiange of Address, etc., stiould be addressed to the Manager, S, Royd Street, Calcutta, or to the Sole Agents in Great Britain: A TEXT-BOOK OF PHARMACOLOGY. At the same time, I must tell you that some physicians continue feeding by the epitranscriptome mouth in spite of ha?matemesis.

Helman has found a crossword simpler means, in an extract of the malleus bacillus.

Selected, from among the many bills reviewed, as having been the most desirable of the legislative proposals aimed define at relieving the malpractice crisis. It is also important to note that as a result of his extensive medical experience he has acquired a knowled"traumatic epilepsie hemiplegia," which is interesting if not instructive.

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