He considered that on the whole the teaching in Edinburgh was better Uiar. Briggs, Commissioner, New York 15 State Department of Health. Two functions, teaching and investigation, should be the chemical principal motives of the Institute's efforts. His description represents, I regret to say, a picture which many of our profession of to-day subscribe to, and exhibit for the education and contemplation of the laity. And where its practitioners come in contact with disease, it seems hardly fair or reasonable that, so far as public health and welfare are mg concerned, there should not be required a sufficient knowledge of elementary medicine or of health and disease to prevent contagious and infectious diseases being unrecognized.

No bottle; no spoon; no sticky fingers; no smearing; no forgetting to take your medicine; no supplies transitory effect. With the increase of education are produced over-ambition, feverish pursuit of gain and pleasure, aggregation in towns, celibacy with vice of one kind atd another, and the development of religious indifference and general unbelief, associated with neglect of general he says the alkaline carbonates and salts are best employed in chronic catarrhal affections of the mucous membranes, notably in chronic catarrhal gastritis, and in that complex of symtoms known as the status gastricus, marked by loss of appetite, bad taste in the mouth, nausea, sometimes even vomiting, belching of gas, a feeling of pressure, fulness over the stomach, and a more or less coated tongue. These several circumstances act no inconsiderable part in the philippines pathogeny of haemorrhoids.

The question of the differentiation of the paratyphoid infections is now seriously exercising the minds of British and Canadian investigators.

The divisional medical supply officer was accountable for the nonexpendable articles and dropped from his return the expendable gel articles as issued. Kemp describes the treatment in colon bacillus infection as follows: I'rotropin and sodium benzoate, aa grs.

Furthermore, inspection aqueous must extend over all five years (or possibly six) of a student's course, and must therefore be placed in most competent hands. Ivc recently used, with much satisfaction hot -baths, in which from half a pound to a pound da is added to an ordinary bath of try iiiff neck: uses. He would of course forbid such articles as cheese, pork, pastry, beans, and lobster; and he advised that fruits be stewed. Servejvvith or without custard variety of fruit that you choose, a gelatine jelly, a glass of Stew the fruit carefully, and cut into pieces; prepare the gelatine jelly and flavor with the champagne; fill a mould with alternate layers of jelly and fruit, and serve after frcezng: review. Indicate by marking day, month, and year of such delivery immediately above the name of shipper on both ends ms of packages or on reverse side of tags. Turn them out very carefully on a dish, and pour under them a sufficient quantity of the following sauce: put into a pint of milk two or three mushrooms, one onion and a carrot cut price into pieces, a bunch of sweet herbs, whole pepper and salt to taste, a few cloves, and a little mace; let the whole gently simmer for about an hour. It is said that the The preamble and resolutions adopted by our brethren in Philadelphia show plainly that the strong men of the profession in that city are not to be made the cat's paws of a little knot of agitators (side). Are so ripe that they may be shaken from the tree with tolerable ease; bruise or grind them very small, and when reduced to a mash, put them into a hair bag, and squeeze them out by degn es: next put the liquor, klenzit-c strained through a fine hair sieve, into a cask well matched: then mash the pulp with a little warm water, adding a fourth part, when pressed out, to the cider. Volitional tremor is thought by some to be very characteristic of multiple sclerosis, but a cms similar condition is observed in patients who are under the influence of metallic poisons, such as mercury, and also in those who have partaken freely of alcoholic stimulants. He was apparently dead when brought to the hospital, but some signs of life appeared after a time. This took away the chief support of the anterior rectal wall.


Duval, who, after stating that bogus schools had produced fake chiropractors in large numbers, put part of the blame for this upon the authorities in Canada and the United States who did not, he said, owing to the instigation of the older professions, investigate and protect the science of chiropractic, to keep it fine and unadulterated and defend it against acne its The admission indicates how dangerous it would be to sanction the practice in Ontario of those who adopt the chiropractic belief, unless it is possible to distinguish between fakirs and others.

Fistula in "la" ano; tuberculous ulcer. Riffuril; in Ophthalmology and Otology will be held on Monday evening, the At the ne.xt meeting of the Section in Laryngology and Rhinology, Children, to ascertain the Frequency of certain Abnormal Conditions." At the next meeting of the Section in Piediatries, to be held on Sheffield Scientific School, Yale University, will present: (a)" Observations on the Digestive Ferments in Normal Digestion"; (b): thuc. Those very men who sit down deliberately to perform operations they have never tried, if they were requested to do any trifling thing in the most ordinary matters would never scruple to say,"I have not tried it!" Yet, these imperfect workmen in our trade daringly practice upon their fellow creature, performing on him, with profane hands, operations which they have gi only heard of, or perhaps read about, and that not much! Which they have never performed upon the dead body. This impairment of the movements of the tongue in certain eases of paralysis of the portio dura is, I believer a, fact baaed upon actual observation in a sufficient nutnber of instances to give 15g seourity roboratiiig the observatioa. The book should be read by all practical surgeons. In the course of four months afterwards the tumor increased very rapidly, when the patient placed herself in the hands of "and" a so-called"cancer doctor." The patient came under the observation of Dr. Drake, in whicii the uterus seemed to burst at the fourth month, producing suppuration at the umbilicus, where an opening waa formed hy which escreincntitious matter was discharged for Boine of a woman who had the uterus ruptured in the fourth month of pregnancy (of). Nor do I believe that antiseptic tampons can be successfully employed after the operation with a view to excluding the air. Straining at stool reviews she felt something give way. Clip out coupon and send today. Effects - macLennan, the professor of Physics, sixteen lectures upon optics in regard to light, reflection, refraction, the optical properties of lenses for far A.

But for this fact, many a New Yorker would gladly ingraft a scion from this Wisconsin cancer on his gastric mucous membrane, and revel in the common boardinghouse steak, if only for the satisfaction of feeling that, even if he could not feed himself, he could at least provide for his cancer.