Has convinced himself that marriages of consanguinity are in no degree injurious to the children oil born of them, when the father and mother jiresent no indications of any morbid diathesis, or of any hereditary disease, but are in good health, and of robust constitutions, and when they are placed under favourable conditions, climatic and hygienic. Elsewhere we publish to a full text of the medical law of the State. He then takes up age and mode treatment of onset. We were fortunate recently in locating an early ledger form which gives membership data over a period of more than fifty years, and it is our hope to have these early records gel transferred to another file for permanent record in the The Annual Meeting. It is a common experience that patients with a cinder in the eye will, when looking into a light, momentarily experience pregnancy the light as brighter and the cinder more painful.

Success is not attained in every case, because some children can only fact to do anything which they ought to do, is especially if the parents are preoccupied or lack intelligence. At no stage could the cells of the host be observed to parties ipate in the formation of the new growth (legs).


Intravenous and retrograde pyelograms demonstrated these masses as large, bilateral The mother of a youngster with a congenital, pelvic ectopic kidney, stated that the child had a sore spot in the lower abdomen, and that he A history of repeated attacks of pyelitis was given bv the mother 16 of a child who was found to have an extensive hydronephrosis resulting from an aberrant vessel to the lower pole of Typical clinical pictures of ureteral calculi were given by two patients; one with a horseshoe kidney, the other with a bifid renal pelvis. McIITTOSH'S NATTJEAL UTEEINE SUPPORTEE CO., Our valuable pamphlet" Some Practical Facts about Displacements of the"Womb," will be sent you free on MIAMI MEDICAL COLLEGE OF CINCINNATL Member of t he American Medical Colleg forum e Association.

Many have objected to this simple plan that it is troublesome and difficult to manage; but of all those who have adopted it not "and" one but has given the same testimony, viz. Fenger holds the chair of Principles of Surgery and Clinical Surgery in the Northwestern University Medical School; is Professor of Surgery in the Chicago Policlinic; Surgeon-in-Chief of the German and member of the American Medical Association, Illinois State Medical on Society, Chicago Medical Society, Chicago Gynecological Society, Scandinavian Medical Society, Ph)'sicians' Club, etc. Sensation for touch, pain, and temperature and coordination of the upper extremities are of normal. In a few years the extent of its powers became enlarged, and it was tried very dog generally in hemoptysis, pulmonary and other forms of hemorrhage. Various theories about the seat of the soul are alluded to by Davies in the Introduction to his poem on The Soul of Man"In judgment of her substance thus they vary; And thus they vary in judgment of her seat; For some her chair up to the brain do carry, Burton's classification of the parts of body and soul may be represented in tabular form as shown "does" on the following page. Suture of the my bow'el walls to the skin wound completed the operation, which lasted an hour.

If my memory serves me, report of vera this year which shows approximately to increase the dues, I am for an increase in dues, not a dollar but five dollars if necessary to carry on the work of this Society. Then the gastric contents are obtained by means of a tube; they consist of uncurdled milk diluted with losing water and are of neutral reaction. He does not silence the lesser, instinctive need, it is true, but at least he contributes to the for production of a higher, more conscious type. Remedy - in the more powerful remedies the percentogre of alkaloid is also indicated. As one of our keenest observers and most philosophic thinkers expressed it a few back months ago:" I fear that certain physicians on their rounds are most careful to take with them their stethoscope, their thermometer, their hemoglobin papers, their sphygmomanometer, but leave their eyes and their brains at And it is certain that the art of sight diagnosis, which seems like half magic, possessed in such a wonderful degree by the older physicians of the passing and past generations, has been almost lost by the A healthful reaction has, however, set in; and while we certainly do not love the Csesar of laboratory methods and accuracy the less, we are beginning to have a juster affection for the Rome of the rich harvest that may be gained from the careful, painstaking, detective-like exercise of our eye, ear, and hand. This is the shampoo final test of all medical doctrines, and one by which it must stand or fall. One or the other of the component parts into which the proteid is disintegrated may be toxic to the organism and produce the train of symptoms called anaphylactic shock: hair. There was no evidence of disease of the cervix, but the pathologist pronounced that there were cancer cells (in). After - while considering, in this connection, the whole train of symptoms which follows the use of cold on the spine, there is still left for consideration the state of stupor to which the animal becomes liable when so This symptom is often slight in character, but is sometimes so well' Elsewhere I have mentioned the medulla oblongata as having been supposed capable, when injured, of causing retro-pulsion.