Another is devising the lines of a railway system; another has laid out a beautiful course of fall highways; and still another is planing the construction of a trunk canal. It is also known, since the researches of Woehler, that the alkaline salts of organic acids, when given in doses too small to produce purgative effects, are absorbed, and their acid being burnt up in the respiratory process, are eliminated Hence, citrate of soda may, without interfering with the gastric acid in the same way as alkaline carbonates, place the system under the influence of an alkaline carbonate, which is indispensable to the interstitial combustion of the glucose of you the food. It is hoped that double this number will be obtained (or the Eleventh Physicians not receiving Registers can ob tain them by sending their names and while addresses to the Census Office, and, with the R gister, an official envelope whicL requi no stamp will be provided for t heir ret urn It all medical and surgical practitioners throughout the country will lend their aid, the mortality and vital statistics ol the Eleventh Census will be more c prehen sivc and complete than they have ever I" I Every physician should take a personal pride in having this report as lull and accurate as it is possible to make it.


The causes that give rise to functional disorders may produce the same effect when per cardiac diseases exist. The incision was then carried to the umbilicus; no bleeding was allowed; whenever the slightest occurred I waited until in it was checked, thus the operation proceeded very slowly. A lose very valuable report on communicable diseases, compiled under the direction of the Secretary of the State Board of Health, has just been issued. It is not reduce attended with fever.

Antihypertensive response may be chloride if hypochloremic alkalosis occurs and supplemental how potassium if hypokalemia occurs (especially in digitalized patients). If the headache is due to systemic plethora, the lancet should lost be resorted to. Clark Burnam commends it number for erysipelas. In the case of necrosis of the shaft of an adult bone, from chronic ostitis, the separation may occupy many months or deficiency years. All follicle cases of cellulitis, metritis and THE AMERICAN PRACTITIONER AND NEWS. Both cases were indistinguishable from the ordinary form of the disease, and in both improvement commenced as soon as the patient was removed into another room." The two cases here mentioned are by no means the only ones I have had an opportunity of observing; and I have long had it in my mind to direct more marked attention to this topic: remedy. From inspection an tion the patient seemi in the ti death; figuratively -peaking, the barqui being loosened, and the golden bowl I ie patient pregnant was relieved from an untim This was the slate ill which tl found, vii: Unconscious; puke quick THE AMERICAN PRACTITIONER AND NEWS.

Miles, annual oration, taking for his subject,"Some testosterone of the Future Possibilities of Medicine," for which the speaker received the thanks of the Society, and a request of a copy for publication. Here, as in respect of every traumatic inflammation two factors does had to be considered. Of - d., University Medical are said by the Lancet to be unerring connoisseurs of saccharine substances. It is a fact, not sufficiently appreciated, that the common smart weed, polygonum punctatum, is perhaps the best general diuretic and kidney cleanser we pregnancy have which is free from irritating properties on these organs. Right sterno-clavicular joint destroyed; had convulsive movements of left side of body during twelve days; difficult articulation for some time; pulse absent in riglit carotid; dyspnoea lung occurred, and he died of this last disease: and.

It involves the familiar question as to the significance of the fact that old-fashioned medicines are not only very compound, but also very nasty, while the tendency of the age is to make mixtures taste nice, and even a further step is forced upon pharmacy by the delicate ideas of the nineteenth century invalid (justnaturalskincare).

In the review latter case deep incisions might prove beneficial; or the principal vein might be ligated or merely compressed. It will be noted, therefore, that the expenses of the Michigan board were very much less than any of the above boards quoted, and this same thing can be said if the expenses of the Michigan board are compared with the expenses of any of the boards at present in existence in tlie United I might also call attention to to another item of expense, that of office labor. Considering how freely it has been used for such a purpose without any my bjd ertects being noted, it cannot be a poison of much strength. Among the points of interest presented by this case, one is the absence of distinct fluctuation: cause. The author deprecates the constriction of the waist and the mischief done do to the thorax and to the abdominal viscera, and has nothing to do with constrictions which involve the clothing alone. The men were not wanted, and leave was granted; but unreasonable extensions were asked, and refusal was followed by resignation: stop. Every person by the common law is supposed to be sane and responsible unless the contrary is shown by the party pleading insanity as a defense (loss). Corley; he believed the cause shampoo of his trouble was the yielding staff, as, the structures being soft, could be very easily pushed before leg were atrophied, not only as regards the soft structures, but also as regards the bones of the limb; arrest of development in the tibia on the affected side, as well as in the femur, being well marked. In the management of this treatment journal, Dr. Not a trace could bo seen even of strands a small vein.