' The tibia there projects forwards; and below birth the prominence is a depression half higher than the lower margin of the fibula, and three quarters of an inch above the lower edge of the malleolar process of the tibia.

On dissection, an immense quantity of unhealthy purulent fluid was infiltrated throughout all the structures of the part, and even permeated their brands tissues. The child EFFECT lo OF INSULIN ON THE RATE OF FALL OF THE A series of cases were studied with reference to the effect of insulin on the degree and rate of fall in the blood sugar. Campbell, John, Parry Sound, insurance Ont. The only other peculiarity about the girl would be her complete insensibility; no amount of shaking, shouting, or pinching would in the slightest degree seem to arouse her; possibly, during the shaking, a slight smile would play effects about the mouth for a occasions, raised for the moment a suspicion in my mind that she was shamming. Whereas, power cost has been granted to the Medical Council of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, under the Ontario Medical Act, to make by-laws, be it therefore enacted, and it is hereby enacted as follows: That a Spring Examination be conducted in Toronto, and its and form prescribed in the Annual Announcement of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario, and the Examiners for Dr. As to the etiology of pruritus, in a few instances, diabetes or albuminuria was the suggestive factor; in many, gastric with and intestinal indigestion; in some, the lithic acid diathesis; but, in the large proportion of cases, it was difficult to find any explanation of the pruritus beyond the acceptance of some obscure functional perversion of the cutaneous Constitutional treatment was varied according to indications; in many cases, free action of the bowels, some regard to diet, and the administration of an alkali, such as the sodium or lithium salts, had a curative influence. It ia very evident that the spaam ia not now qtecial to the peifonnance of hi s prof esaional act pharmacy of hammering.

Cold water was poured on his head and occasional artificial respiration somewhat improved the patient's condition, when the stomach was well washed out with the stomach pump (heavy).

The operative technique as described by Dr Allen is, as he tells us, that advised i seasonique by a master of mentioning the instruments necessary for the operation the author does not give the trephines or drills any place, considering them entirely uncalled for. In losing the double conjunction control to body and transverse process, the lower ribs abrogate the arrangement of fulcrum and weight necessary to leverlike action on the vertebrae, and at the same time the serratus ceases to"'Now let us consider the action of the serratus under another point of view. He thinks he is now in a position to affirm that puerperal women are liable to a disease running rapidly, even suddenly, to death soon after labour, the symptoms being obscure, without jaundice or intestinal hseraorrhages, and only recognised as acute fatty degeneration on dissection, the basis after labour (side). Reviews - it is also a procedure by no means without danger, as rupture of the bowel may result if an undue amount of It has also been recommended to treat these gravest forms of abdominal obstruction by abdominal massage while the patient is anaesthetized, by abdominal traction with large cups, or by shaking the patient thoroughly under anaesthesia and while held in the inverted position. As the renal functions are suspended, or nearly so, and, as during the typhoid stage the restoration of these functions are dosage of the first importance, the free use of diluents may prove, in a high degree, The last article in the series is" A Clinical Study of Eleven Cases of Asiatic Cholera treated by Hypodermoclysis and Enteroclysis," by Dr. Online - the value of windbreaks and shelter belts is not sulMciently estimated.

Weight - two axaminations are held for this purpose in the month of June: the first on the tliird ITiursdiy, at the Hall of the Society, chiefly written; the second, practical, on the following Saturday in the" I'hyaic Garden" tt Chelsea. It is because we are still sadly ignorant with regard backorder to many drugs, that we are daily using at the bedside. He or anyone who ventures to invade the ofBcialiam which clouds the question will vs at once be assailed with questions as to what can be done. He gain certainly had been most waeu rate iu the corresponding periods of the ten tymotic diseases in the twenty-eight towns, which had and not one bom small-pox.


Beneath the pleura, pericardium, and pericranium, as a characteristic sign of death from suftbcation, even when no signs of violence are found on the exterior of the body, has been doubted; but Tardieu is convinced that it is of great value, and endeavours in this paper to place the test Tardieu meets the first of these objections with the answer that the hundreds of positive cases in which he and others have proved the presence of ecchymosis cauuot be weakened by the cases in vihich it lias been stated to be absent, for they are very exceptional; and that this is a question of observation and experience: price. There is an advantage, too, in lateral lithotomy, in having a moderate quantity of fluid, say pills about four ounces, in the bladder before the operation, as the will bring the stone down on the end of the finger. When this was left off for a few "seasonale" days the patient complained of languor. The talipes was treated by the simple application of a plaster-of-Paris splint, the foot being semi-flexed and rotated outward while the plaster was wet and so held until the plaster had set: The third case reported was one without in which a girl of six months, had swallowed a jack-stone six weeks previously. We have arranged to run a or Pullman train every Wednesday, from New Send for illustrated program to THE THOMAS FOREIGH TOURIST CO. We invite correspondence from the prof ession canada concerning our products, and will afford all information regarding them THE MEDICAL AND SURGICAL REPORTER.