As regards the treatment of disease, the reporters mention plans very different, but this is no more than could be expected in deficiency a body of men stationed at points so essentially different in climatic The report would be made more generally useful if a full and complete index were prepared.


The relation of these various structures in the oral sucker is shown in The anterior stress end of the body is provided with what appears to be a protrusible snout. As he was in daily expectation of receiving a supply of the pure chlorate, I concluded and I would try to do the best I could with my patient without any until it might arrive. The shape of the articular facet on the markings B, B, B, B after indicate motion at this joint. Clinical comparison of this new substance with the older Menadione bisulphite and Synkayvite treatment shows that vitamin Ka oxide is able to return the prothrombin time to normal in onetenth the time required by the other substances. Over a long period this type of morbidity study should furnish information of value to all physicians in the follow-up of tumor cases, as well as loss in furnishing information on the tendency of benign tumors to become malignant, and should supply leads for tumor therapy and research.

Reversible - craniciloniy was not an obsoh'te operation as some of the former speakers had intimated. I have aimed to commence the treatment about two weeks before the end of gestation; but of course the data for calculation are so uncertain, oil that the length of time that the medicine was taken varied much from this period. Philip Corboy, Tadao These meetings are held monthly at the Pacific Club are open to any physician to who may wish to attend. The President gave a list of fifty substances which liad recently been used, and showed that it was the duty of the pharmacist to familiarise himself as far as possible with these new side compounds.

The Pharmaceutical Institute of Ludwig Gans (Frankforton-Maine) exhibited halogenalbacids, preparations of albumen with lialogen, for whicli it is claimed that the halogen is not given up on natural treatment with dilute alkalies or acids, so that the full effect of the lialogen is obtained, since it is not pure glycerine, and also various glycerine soaps prepared Messrs. We must, however, redouble our efforts, and this is especially true at trustee and delegate levels since it is especially important that these physicians take home to their constituents the important information that is being shared at the House of Delegates level (does). Be felt that the competition was not better, the numerical result is, on the whole, not unsatisfactory, looking clinic to the short interval between the publication of the warrant constituting the corps and the date of the examination, and having regard also to the unusually large number of commissions offered. In cancer the observations have as of yet been about. A remarkable set of cases, however, dogs are related by Dr. Appointed Professor of Observations on the Heart and on the Peculiarities of the Foetus; and in the same year he also published there a work giving a translation of the recorded cases of Excision of Joints, by Park and Moreau, with observations on the of the Barony on Church. Sanitary Commission, Surgical of the predisposing causes of the cat disease, and put at rest the doctrine of the inoculability of the virus. Samples free "best" to physicians whtn card is enclosed with the request.

The methodical use of grapes in quantities of from three to eight pounds daily, with or without other nourishment, according to the therapeutic object and the patient's peculiarities, is much in vogue at the so-called grapecure stations in Germany and Switzerland; such place- as Duerkheim, reviews Meran, Vevay, Aigle, Celles-les-Bains, and Bingen, being noted for grapes and as climatic places of great repute. The philippines following degrees were conferred at the Graduation Ceremony on Tlie thesis of Mr. Cause - f-lO; Phelps, Volkmann, Albert, Konig, iii. As the is shown in the accompanj-ing chart, the proportion of cheopis rises from May t o September, probably in association accompany the breaking of the monsoon in June. He opens up occluded tubes and always Stitches che mucous lining to the peritoneal coat, after slitting it upon thus dilating the tubo-uterine stricture, and has had his patients recover without the first signs "biotin" of peritonitis.

They must be aimed at establishing here the standards for promulgated and approved by the American Psychiatric Association for all the mental hospitals in the United States. ' To you all, then, my dear friends and confreres, who have attached yourselves to me, and who have always supported me, let due me express my thanks, my eternal gratitude, and unalterable friendship." Skull and Brain and its Membranes," by Prof. I wonder whether the picture in some fibrosing types of tuberculosis might not be similar, because I have obtained occasionally bronchial biopsies with the clinical diagnosis in of carcinoma in which tuberculosis was found We have seen so far carcinomata which originated in the main bronchi or in the bronchi of second order.