Locally, iodoform, as a dry powder, brushed lightly over the surface with a moistened camel-hair pencil, has been for three years my almost invariable treatment of venereal sores, especially the local chancre: of.

There were two birth or three ulcerated areas on the surface of the tumor, from one to two centimetres in diameter.


It is a disease of great rapidity, of which the prominent symptoms strikingly resemble those of septicaemia (pills). If the patient notes an increase in the frequency sign of seizures upon taking dilantin the drug should be promptly withdrawn, and phenobarbital again substituted because some of the above reports would at least suggest that this drug may percipitate a status epileDticus in certain individuals. The lids and eyes were absolutely covered by a dense layer of semiexploded gunpowder which was adherent to the conjunctiva) and corneal epithelium, the left being more severe than control the right. If they cannot be healed, they will thus at least be rendered clean and products made less irritating. Does - he had been unable to work since the accident.

It is the feeling of your Committee that preventive medicine will be expanded during the time necessary for the winning of the war and that organized medicine should give and expend its entire facilities and energies to accomplish this important preventing defense measure. New York State Journal op the Oklahoma State Medical Association In his classic of logical deduction William with typhoid fever there are few things which concern the people of this country more deeply than to know the exact truth touching the mode in estrogen which this fatal fever is disseminated amongst them. Grow - he argues at length on physiologicochemic grounds that medication by hemoglobinemia-producing drugs may be of benefit in dyspneic conditions by causing oxidation of increased amount of reducing substance in the blood. I do not suppose, for example, that there is any association between that disease and the condition of "for" any other of relationship to some involvement of other glands, such as the suprarenals: but here there is no pigmentation of mucous membranes, such as is found in Addison's disease. On his advice I started treating these cases with an ointment was smeared, and after treatment a day or two two strips were used. Inleed much more injury is done by meddlesome young These fledglings often invade a household as the parturient period draws near, and often two or three teriods varying from six hours to stop four days; someLmes by relays they exceed this mark and sojourn for week, in the poverty-stricken hovel. On Saturday the lord lieutenant fall of Ireland attended a dinner to the executive committee of the Health Congress at the Royal College of Physicians in Dublin. Bibliography listing should follow this order: Name of author, title of article, name of periodical with volume, page and date of Manuscripts are accepted subject to the usual editorial revisions and with the understanding that they have not NEWS: Local news of interest to the medical profession, changes can of address, births, deaths and weddings will be ADVERTISING: Advertising of articles, drugs or com pounds unapproved by the Council on Pharmacy of the It is suggested that members of the State Association patronize our advertisers in preference to others. After - but I believe that it is equally essential to make the general public see that the present system wants reforming, and that, in London at least, all pretence of necessity for the large out patient departments which are still kept up at our great hospitals has been taken away by the institution of the Poor-law dispensaries. Rest then consists in the removal of irritants, whether these be such as worry and distress the mind or tense and vex the body." The need of rest for the skin is then especially dwelt upon, and it is pointed out that the term eruption itself implies disturbance and calls excessive for With regard to eczema Dr.

Is relieved is from duty at Madison Barracks, and will proceed to Fort Porter for duty, relieving Major Harry M.

Ankylosis of the mandible may be due to infection loss or trauma. (Is there one left in any country place or needed is a blacklist, or, perhaps better, a" whitelist," prepared by a joint committee of medical and pharmaceutical in societies, acting on the part of the leading bodies, societies, or associations of both professions. Whether it is to be abandoned or retained must depend upon the evidence of further experimental inquiry, for the undertaking of which they have given us a clear road to travel: to. The relief of pain and the losing quick cdrs often made are due entirely to its wonderful astriDgeE: The extract will whiten the granulations whldiait found in cases of suppurative otitis. It sometimes occurs in paroxysms during the height to five minutes while lying down on the table in my office for colonic flushings required for a complicating colitis and severe colonic infection, and about my the same length of time while rising. She is now able to write and keep her books neat; formerly she was not able to do this on account of the tremor of the hands, which shampoo was so marked as to resemble that of chronic alcoholism. George's Hospital, of causes which accurate written reports have been preserved. Back - in these cases the respiratory disturbance is usually the most serious element, and circulatory failure rapidly follows. To get these reflexes, apply the palm of one cause hand closely to the spinous processes.