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Repair - protective technics in permitting the experimental interplay of favorable and unfavorable factors is perhaps bringing together the many seemingly unrelated elements which can participate in the response to stress by establishing a relationship among them.

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Scientists, for the past fifty years, have realized this fact, and men like Buhl, Villemin, Virchow, Laennec, BrousaLs, and othei-s have striven, working to be sure from different theoretical points of view, to establish a tangible, australia etiological, and pathological basis for pulmonarv tuberculosis, in order that this once attained, early diagnosis might be made and thereafter perhaps successful treatment instigated. The midwife reported that she" felt another child, but it would not come." Ou examination a living full-term fetus was felt in the spf abdominal cavity outside the uterus. The soothing knees revealed mild crepitation but were otherwise normal. They are much paler; their lips and the visible portions of their mucous membrane have not that lively red which the corresponding parts in normally developed children exhibit; their muscles are but ill-grown, their bony frame is weak; teething occurs late and sluggishly; and finally, in the farther progress of the corpulence, signs of rickets show face themselves. The repture was at once closed by catgut: aquaphor.