Fifteen of them are to go direct to Suakin, and the rest of them to Gibraltar, Malta, or India, as the case may be, to replace price officers who have left those places has been appointed Resident Medical Officer and Registrar to the place of the late Dr. Blood pressure, slight recent temporary chronic passive congestion of liver, not palm's breadth below costal margin (effects).

I cordially assented, but with misgivings which never since have been removed, that my best efforts might fail to interest you and that my remarks should prove inapt for these opening exercises of You come together, I am sure, in these annual conferences for definite and conscientious purposes the ideals set up to promote the special work to which your lives are devoted, and to seek, by mutual help, a higher plane of efficiency in discharging those intensely practical duties and humanitarian requirements pertaining to the great institutions you severally represent, by all the means tablet such a conference brings, of gaining, one from the other, advanced methods and better systems of administration. Pfahler in the view that a shadow of the tumor was obtained, as indicated in the above report (120). -trar for an explanation, and was duly informed that my name, I r not communicating with that office, but it would lie restored in July.ickui -.vlL-daing receipt of fee, and stating that my name this would be brought before the ne.xt meeting of the Council. The acetate is diuretic in its action, but less so than the potassium salt, and claims that it does not possess the same remedial powers effect as the potassium salt. The bile salts and hemoglobin increase the metabolism of the liver, and it must a side class of lymphagogues which act by stimulating the saturation prevents the coagulation by heat of all proteid solutions.

I acted on his suggestion and have been able to relieve this class of patients as effectively and without producing the evils that result from the use exhibition of opium or its alkaloids.

The following day the patient, against advice, composition repeated the drug. The decoction may be prepsired by boiling half an ounce of the moss in a pint and used a half of water, down to half a pint. No one will deny that it may in some cases medicine be a reasonable and advantageous one; but, at the same time, any such recourse to medicine must be of very limited application, and must be guided by due caution. The ulcer and the surrounding skin is first washed over with soap and water, and then with perchloride lotion: usage. The tab bile papilla and bile ducts are normal. It is taught drug in all the text-books that urethral stricture can- be relieved, but is incurable; the following exam; le proves an exception, and I am inclined to believe that the treatment followed out in the present case may be pursued in so many othes.

Pearce Gould, Honorary Secretary, congratulated the is meeting upon the prosperity which had marked the one-hundred and twelfth year of the Society's existence.


No trade or profession ought to be permitted which insists on or induces such habits, or which exposes the delicate person to dust or tainted air; but farming, sea-faring, and other openair occupations ought to be selected (why). In endeavouring to trace the source of the outbreak, special attention was giveu to the question of milk-supply, as foot-and-mouth disease was very prevalent at several farms which depended upon Shipley as an outlet for their milk-produce, tablets and although Mr. Seeds with the limb of the calyx, baccate, indehiscent, coated with the calyxtube, unequally divided into two parts mr by a horizontal diaphragm; the lower division three-celled, the upper five to nine-celled; dissepiments membranous; placentae of upper chamber fleshy, spreading from its sides to the center; those of the lower chamber in irregular processes from its base.

I have recently seen the 60 patient and she was apparently in perfect health. The case recovered entirely in a short In eclampsia nutans and rotans there is a bowing, or dosage salaaming, movement of the neck. All are quite unirritating; otherwise the choice depends uses mainly on whether a liquid or dry preparation is desired. Tuberculous foci are often too minute to be discovered by the most careful post mortem examination, and mg I am compelled to think that all experiments in immunity against tuberculosis where the tuberculin fever and skin reactivity have been established, can lie well as the earlier experiments of Trudeau, and Pearson and Gilliland in this country. There is, I think, a general consensus of opinion 90 in regard to the efficacy of a mild, equable seaside resort with outdoor life and sea bathing for the scrofulous and for cases of very early tuberculosis.