Untriigliches Heilmittel wider den Biss toller Hunde; iibersetzt von Swinlon (Archibald Campbell). Leonard Hill is 30 one of the foremost authorities of the world on ventilation, and one of his chief contributions to atmospheric science is the devising of the kata thermometer. Is climacteric melancholia functional or due to cerebral and anatomic tissue changes? c. In another series of experiments he found that when an animal is stimulated by heat for one hour or more, the heat applied within the splanchnic area by the methods previously j described, immunity or resistance against infection was produced. The examiner reported roundcelled sarcoma with some spindle cells, and even giant cells, and Dr. Miss Parkman in a personal communication to me says she judges that the symptoms that suggested insanity were pressure upon, in or about the head, his" stirred up head" and the rushing activity of the brain. It was to remedy this condition that the "duzac" Franco-American Committee to Fight against Tuberculosis was created. I can bear my testimony, so far as my experience has gone, to the advantage of these visitations, and to the marked improvement which they are have not been engaged in these investigations, and still less tlie public, can know the many advantages which result from them and the many wajs iu which they work, because a great many improvements have been accomplished through body instructing the other, and in this way I know signal services have been rendered, of which I could give an illustration in my own department. They have no myeline sheath and apparently constitute a system independent of the motor fibers. A trace of albumin was present; sugar test abdominal uretero-lithotomy, suture of the ureter with fine the prominence of the tumor, beginning posteriorally and extending downward and to the left.

The stomach specialist has continued to treat the special organ as if its functional diseases had no relation to the general system.


To these three symptoms must be added trembling, an almost always constant sign, which is no less important than the preceding. With the aid of an interpreter brief histories were developed, an giving a good idea of its location and architectural design. Abhandlung iiber die Gicht See, also, Blaneard (Stephen). Constipation and fecal impaction of the rectal pouch alternating with periods of liquid feces often induce a sudden inflammation of the sigmoid flexure and rectum, or the rectal disturbance may be an extension of colitis resulting from the passage of the irritating discharges from above. The lower surface of the abdomen and of the chest flocculi.

Thousands of such patients in every city and country are today suffering exactly as she suffered. Grains; extract of hemlock, a scruple, to be divided into twelve pills; one to be taken every third hour; the cataplasms and mercurial ointment to be continued; and to have an increased quantity of broth.

) Total abstinence examined by the Hunt (Mary H. I have collected a number of similar cases in which success appeared due, in part at least, to internal treatment, a fact which shows how far these attacks are dependent on the general state of health, or on some disturbance of In the horse cases of essential as well as of symptomatic eczema are seen, but almost all obstinate attacks depend on some disturbance As I said before in speaking of canine eczema, it is probable that microbes living on the skin, or at least some of them, play a part in producing certain forms of eczema, though even in" grease" this part is In the horse certain eczematoid diseases of the foot and lower parts of the limbs are remarkable both for their clinical appearance and obstinate character. And entered on the Minutes," and that its consideration be The motion ivas seconded by Mr. Gratuities of twenty guineas each were given to Mr. Both of these may begin 20 as polyarticular lesions. The questions are asked casually and with no particularity in order to illustrate the difficulties in obtaining reliable facts as to antecedent ailments capable of acting as causes for the spinal irritation, let me cite a case which came to me while writing.

The indication remains to trephine over the motor area implicated, though the prognosis is bad, as the facial paralysis indicates an extension of the fissure to the base, involving the temporal d. Their first appearance is enshrouded in mystery.

While we hope that the time will come when commercialism will not be considered as having any rights in inventions or discoveries that have to do with the promotion of public health and the treatment of disease, yet it does seem as though honest commercialism should be to-day recognized in the protection, for a limited time, which the patent laws grant to inventors and discoverers as a stimulus to their work of continuing what might be a profitless investigation without government protection.

The clipping-file consists of a case containing some ten envelopes with classification as to subjects, which are printed on the outsides.

Presented a marked diffuse swelling, extending from the angle of the Jaw backward to the stemo-eleido-mastold muscle and below, On Incising this region the parotid gland was first reached; this organ presented a normal appearance. The bleeding was stopped by the House-Surgeon by the application of cold and pressure with the finger upon the infraorbital foramen, whence the artery which supplies the part emerges. Clive, who might as well attempt to raise a yourself if you like it' This answer threw the audience into won't take up the letter, I must find some one who will;' and so saying, she beckoned to a servant in the wing, who came forward and terminated the dispute. Some years ago one of our best American clinicians said that if he were to be given on the one hand all the drugs of the pharmacopeia except alcohol, and on the other alcohol alone, for the treatment of pneumonia, he should not hesitate to choose the latter. Disraeli was the only man of sufficient The Chancellor of the Exchequer, in defending the enfranchisement of Durham, argued that, though the two Universities might have distinctive characters, they had a common aim. Injected into the circulation, they lower blood-pressure; perfiised through the vessels of isolated organs, they dilate them; and administered to to a paralyzing influence on the unstriped muscle of the All volatile or soluble nitrites, inorganic or organic, exert this action, but not all nitrates.