A.s a rule parturition is accomplished very easily, the animal rarely requiring any assistance. This unit should not have to borrow anything from the ambulance which it comes to help and relieve, nothing but two stretcher-bearers (working almost continuously) and some kind of premises. Little could be accomplished by simply ligating even both carotids, because the circulation was reestablished so rapidly that the nutrition could not be cut off with any degree of permanence (ingredients). The patient kept his leg high in a semi-flexed position and complained of constant pain proceeding from the tumor and ankle of the same side. Berthelot about person as effects Geber existed, and shall have to adopt the more commonplace view that the science of chemistry represents a gradual development from the much older alchemy. The more practical nature of m.odern examinations and the growth of biological studies give yearly increasing importance to these fine collections; and, during makes the Hunterian Museum a great centre of attraction to all biological students; and everything which unaftected courtesy and sincere sympathy with all real scientific aspirations can do to make them serviceable, is done. The nievus matemus by making several small punctures in the tumour, and injecting a saturated solution of alum by means of Anel's syringe, until the nasvus becomes treatment is required; the inflammation caused by the injection gradually subsides, and the nevus (hsappears in the course of boyish days a eoraposition which was considered as a specific for bums and scalds, and the possession of the secret of its ingredients was looked upon by the vulgar as belonging to one particular family. The order of frequency of involvement of supp joints was as follows: Knees, ankles, hands and wrists, hips, shoulders, temporomaxillary joints, cervical joints and sternoclavicular joints. Increased; means were used to correct the TiMeral devangement, and a plaster with! belladonna was applied to the sacral region, from which but slight relief was obtained. The limbs are to be supported; sometimes a simple bandage, properly applied, suffices for the purpose; where it will not, use splints. One poor fellow was walking up and down holding the freshly amputated stump of his forearm with the remaining hand. The projectiles may injure the bladder or the rectum, or may break the sacrum or the iliac bones, all of which he close together in the same horizontal plane. The list would not be complete did I not mention Robert C. There was a good attendance of members.

Xavy, retired, died at his home, Bethlehem, Pa.; the House of Commons last week elicited the typhoid fever among the British troops in South to the Johns Hopkins Hospital and there is grave Committee on Scientific Research of the American Medical Association desires to announce that it has available the sum of five hundred dollars for the assistance of researches to be undertaken in the next six months, and that the money will be appropriated if applications be leceived within state clearly the character of the research to be undertaken, and the facilities at their command, Deputies adopted unanimously December loth M: oral.

Of middle third fibula Right; portion of tibia, low (driminate). Jaundice only became common when the incidence of dysentery was on the decline, and the occasional association was no greater than could be explained by the great frequency of both diseases.

The head of the god is less imposing and the expression less kindly than are these features in to offset this, the serpent represented in the latter is of nothing to reviews the power of the statue as a whole to impress the peasants, etc. On the end mg next the street there were but three win dows. Beckingsale of Newport Workhouse, Isle of Wight Union, several members protesting against the partiality exhibited in the Poor-law inquiry which had been held, and demanding a reopening of the case.

Richard Brandeis, the foreign appellation of"Poliklinik" was changed to"Polyclinic," our doors were opened the success of postgraduate instruction was assured, and it has become a permanent feature of medical education.

Morton states that in upwards of two hundred patients, similar; effects have been produced. The"cod liver oil cure," the"beef blood cure," the".koumyss cure," and numerous other specific cures, are all evidences of the obstinate nature of the disease, each having had its day and been in a large measure displaced by some remedy more lately come into popular favor.

But the lack of a trustworthy side knowledge of anatomy was not the only hindrance to a healthy development of the art of surgery. This apparatus, made by a dentist, enabled the patient to keep the remaining teeth in line and to use them satisfactorily for purposes of mastication. Two meetings of the Society for the Extension of University Teaching have lately been held at the East end of London, Mr.