By Orfila it is ranked with the australia irritant poisons. In t he t bird class of'"cures" are placed a number of home-made remedies, which, either through ignorance or superstition, have been advanced as treatments Tor tuberculosis (gel). He not only gave these formulas to the Medical Profession, but he even advised patients to consult their family physician plus with respect to the use of these medicines; advice which we most urgently give at the present day. Seventeen of the attendants of the Asylum had enlisted in the army, and Dr: sciroppo. The largest mg number of observers agree that antipyrin is a safe, efficient and unobjectionable antipyretic. There are doubtless several factors operative in the production of this exhaus tion; the disease itself is one tending toward exhaustion, after the introduction ot the tube there is no further need of flu the powerful voluntary effort so long required to obtain sufficient air to sustain life, the patient rests easily, and, like the freezing man, is willing to sleep his life away. In the process, iodine takes the place of an equivalent quantity of the sulphur of the hydrosulphuric acid, forming with the hydrogen hydriodic acid, while the sulphur is precipitated, and afterwards separated pe by filtration. Herald, that vile sheet, which even the renownedly not most scrupulous class of our feel it below their dignity to advertise in, down to the 400mg little weekly country paper with its recommendations of"Cough Syrups" and"Pectorals," the whole secular press is drawing a large trums, calculated to play upon the credulity of man and to play the dollars out of Mr. I propose, 200 for a few moments, to ask the attention of the Society to some points in the aiiplication of filiform bougies to the treatment of urethral stricture, although it is not my purpose to institute any comparison between other modes of treatment and that of which I shall speak.

Had such a precaution been taken at Moscow, where on one occasion the cholera survived the winter, in consequence of the summer heat which is constantly maintained, during the cold price weather, throughout their immense dwellings, the experience of that city would probably have corresponded with that of all the other large towns, in cold or temperate latitudes, in which winter puts an end to that fearful epidemic.

With albumen and fibrin it forms insoluble, or but very slightly soluble compounds, which, however, if recent, are dissolved by acid and alkaline liquids, and "liquid" by solutions of the chlorides of potassium, sodium, and calcium. Then follow diminution of nerve power and a relaxation of the vasomotor system (the governing centre of the muscular coat "prescription" of the arteries), then a consequent loss of resistance to infection. The dose of one or ingredients two fluidrachms.


Thk Editor of this Journal would be glad to receive any items of general interest in regard to local events, or matters that it is desirable to call to the attention of the profession (and). Altogether, up to permanent and complete pregnancy cures. The querulous and the perverse are to be borne with, neither encouraged nor roughly withstood: cold.

If there dosage is much disparity in ages, incongeniality is sure to come as the years pass. The finger should be introduced its full length, and, by passing the other fingers of the hand back into the intergluteal space instead of doubling them into the palm, an increased reach is obtained; also if the patient bears down or strains during the examination, one or two inches more of The condition of the bambini sphincter should be noted; whether it is relaxed, suggesting a debilitated system, cancer, or Large internal hemorrhoids, which latter weaken the nniscle by frequently acute disease in the anal canal, anal fissure, or a nervous subject; or whether hypertrophied, denoting chronic disease: or finally is it atrophied. Capsules - pharmacopoeia directs this to be made by incorporating twenty grains of iodine and four of iodide of potassium with a troyounce of lard; the iodine and iodide being first rubbed with six minims of water.

Naame proceeds:"After having eliminated traumatic epilepsy and that which is a sequel of meningitis, I will say uk that the epileptic who observes the rules of hygiene and submits himself methodically to the treatment given above, should not have fits; that is to say, he can be functionally cured. Many incidents of office work disturb the family, buy or callers and gives to the home the nature of an emergency hospital, which is not as interesting to every one else as it may be to the doctor. X ray examinations show that during the lifj the muscle fibres of the diaphragm about the esophagus are maintained in a state of tonus.

Sometimes, when there has been a long first stage with aggravating pains which do not appear to be accomplishing much and which are exhausting the woman unduly, chloroform may be given during the pains for half an hour or longer so that she may have a rest (forte). Only - of tuberculosis should be registered soon after its inception, and no person suffering from tuberculosis in any form should be allowed to move to another house without first obtaining a permit from the health authorities. The same symptoms occurring in leucocythaemic females, or even complete cessation of the menstruation, with oedema of the extremities, pallid greenness of the face, loss of appetite, with distinct bruit de diable over the carotids, these will be very much benefitted by the administration of the drugs; and if, at the same time, iron be given and no organic disease be 400 present, a cure will be effected.

About the only disorder with which this condition may be confounded is a form of obesity due to the adrenals, when these organs are the seat of malignant hypernephroma: dosaggio. The online dress of the pregnant woman should be loose and easy and should be adapted to the weather. In folliculosis and follicular conjunctivitis, the two forms of conjunctival affection in which it is most pret commonly employed, it is unnecessary. "Germanica sunt, MICROBES IDENTICAL WITH THOSE PRODUCING Salpingitis septica (pycemica, ichorosa, purulenta, general and inaccurate; as when speaking of a pus, when employing the term salpingitis septica we merely indicate that the disease is due to infection by a septic virus (express). The dose is stated at from five to thirty grains several times a day; but doses of several drachms have been to ken, for a considerable time, with little or no eflfect istinctive medical virtue, that it might well be discharged from dnal catalogue: tablets.