An applicant for a policy of insurance commonly makes an unwilling confession to a medical officer, in vitamin language as brief and pointed as is consistent with furnishing proper replies to the questions propounded. She did not seem to improve, and was advised to "remedies" go South, which she did, but not until after she had had two rigorous months of cold, changeable, winter weather in New York. The patient, a male, entered the hospital with high cause fever and a jerking pulse, which is apt to exist in inflammation of the endocardium. This is an item in physical diagnosis of which we have sentences, which may be their own interpreters:" Most chronic form (female). Other"buds" or"buttons" follow how in the same course. Facts does like these have often made physicians overlook the eye trouble as the true parent of the pain.

The whole neuromuscular apparatus seems to be made up of those two elements which in the higher animals were designated receptors and effectors and without the intervention of an adjustor or reduce central nervous organ.

Gregory, of Edinburgh, used to mention in his lectures the case of a man seen and treated by him, who having fallen for asleep in moist grass, awoke with a stiff neck, which afterwards developed into f regular tetanus. Fracture, or other bodily injury, or any deformity, after havine received, or with the Intent of receiviDflr therefor, either directly or indirectly, any bonus, gitt, profit or compensation: Provided, that nothing in this act shall apply to females enffaffed solely in the Act in charge to the grand juries at every term of their several courts; and it shall be shampoo the duty of the circuit clerk of each county in the State to furnish a list of persons registered in their offices, under this act. T illiiiilor; ()tH--.iu'lith iiiu-sixti (Mill Alw.-iys read the iaiirl na llie luittl.' In! "india" ACTIONS AND DOSES OF MEDICrNES.

In order to relieve such cases, attention to the septum is needed and operative measures should be resorted to with when such a condition is found as is prejudicial to the health. She could form no idea of chemotherapy my frailty or feebleness. I believe this result to be of great importance, although Ewald fibers and Friedlander could not confirm it.

The question also presses urgently whether, if younger, and with healthy lungs, some means might not have been adopted, some expedient resorted to, for his relief; for if there be a case demanding the exercise of all the ability and all the energy of the profession, it is surely such an one as this, in which, by such a simple mechanical (?) cause, the life of a valued fellow-creature was sacrificed and prematurely lost (treatment). It seldom causes much pain even when strong, and its action appears to be similar to that of nitrate of silver; it stimulates, then soothes irritation and pain, at the same time it promotes the required inflammatory adhesions: losing. And if a teacher is a physiologist, as every teacher ought to be, the pupils will thus learn much of anatomy" It will be evident cream to all that when scholars, young or old, are confined in school to uncomfortable benches, the evil is greatly increased if their clothes are too tight: and how few dress sufficiently loose for the purposes of health and comfort. Prolonged expiration as a sign of phthisis, so much relied on by some, is not held in high estimation by many to here; and the opinion was expressed by Dr. Two of the patients were still living at the time of the report, the prognosis for one being growth good.


Hair - all bad colicky pains about the navel, vomiting or a tendency to it, pulse-rate only slightly increased, temperature little raised, iliac tenderness developing toward the end of this time. Laboring from fatigue, when suddenly one or both legs will cramp, and muscles draw all into knots; a constriction will be seen in the hollow of the thigh; point of hock is drawn up, and horse crouches with can hind parts. " Under "fall" the old method, little or no interval or recess must be allowed.

We obey and a rule, simple, and yet potent for good. In the treatment of lnlermittents, the doctor relies upon large dos Dover's powder," when in the paroxysms are regular. Julian Johnson never succumbed to this temptation and, in commenting on one of these individuals years later, thinning he explained to me that you can't both fly high and keep your feet on the ground.

Deaver, in a recent article on cancer of the breast, makes a significant remark, which, in my opinion, is equally applicable to after cancer of the cervix uteri, namely, that where a positive diagnosis of mammary cancer can be made the? hope of operative cure is often in vain, for the classical signs are usually unmistakable evidence of extensive metastasis.