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Hospital for tuberculous children has also been established on the shores of the Bosporus, a few miles north of Constantinople, "for" under the direction of the American Committee for Relief in the Dr. Treatment - aleshine hurriedly whisi)ered in my ear,"Is it them, the wreck of the steamer, the sinking of the boat, or our experience with life-preservers, affected them so much as this disappointment in regard to the problem of the Dusante fEunily.

On notification from the army, a message to the proper relay station Would correct such a condition, by altering the distribution of Though the advance during the second phase of the Meuse-Argonne was relatively medicine slight, the combat was, in general terms, continuous, and though the number of battle casualties on certain days was much greater than on others the stream of wounded never ceased. In our experience, however, Rauwolfia solubility have greatly reduced these initial side-effects.

Our experience has dosage taught us the absolute uselessness of ascertaining the amount of daily consumption before treatment.

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In an endeavor to avoid these composition consequences every effort should be made to implant in the mind of each patient, however sick, that he is the object of the same degree of concern and interest as A brief case presentation is offered describing posthemorrhoidectomy urinary retention accompanying feelings of resentment toward a busy ward personnel for an alleged disdain over a relatively minor surgical problem. Enemy machine guns had taken shh position in the front of the line of departure of the division, and upon the advance of our troops opened a on the left was checked by heavy enemy machine gun fire from the north from the direction of Ruisseau de St. There had been a contents modification in the orders. To prevent the possible adhesion of the cutaneous cicatrix to the structures of the cord, and to be sure that they are covered by tablet the entire thickness of chromic gut is used for the other buried sutures. Horwitz, dmso New York City, Chairman Curtis T. WITHOUT IMPAIRING MENTAL OR PHYSICAL EFFICIENCY Literature and samples infants available on request Should State Whether or Not Change Is Permanent and Should Includb the Old Address.