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The papules arc, therefore, not inflamed papillas, but sebaceous glands, which, instead of secreting sebum, are filled with epithelial cells, and this gives the paper-like dryness, and dirty Von VeieP looks upon the disease as hereditary, and apparently does not distinguish between it and pruritus, although he does not seem to daily look upon the former as a neurosis. The Examination in each face part will be oral and practical as well as For the B.Sc. Lord Campbell took an unfavourable view, and sensitive evidently thought that there was gross exaggeration. And in the busiest time of a large hydrating and laborious practice at the zenith of his fame, he always found time to maintain family worship. Success may also be attained in the human subject (M (online). The condition ot the Day Industrial Schools is much india more satisfactory. The researches moisturising of Cohnheim and others appear to show that pus that micro-organisms are always found in pus. The rarity of tuberculous lesions in the higher part of the ultra intestine is attributed to the destructive or inhibitory effect of the acid of the stomach and upper part of the bowel on the tubercle bacillus. The Association has been created as the moat democratic body imaginable, and its policy must always ho wliat the majority of the profession makes it (philippines). To the naked reviews eye the mucous membrane presents a glossy translucency, is pale and somewhat swollen, but the iodine test is usually required to settle the question, when the characteristic reaction will be found as spots and lines distributed irregularly over the surface. So also, that human breath contained something of the same kind was only too evident in advanced phthisis or cancerous or other ulceration of the mouth, or, indeed, skin whenever there was decaying organic matter in the respiratory tract. Mallet lays greater stress on the fact that a water need not be condemned on account of the chemical results of its examination, because tliese results may be obtained from harmless organic materials; his point"It will not do merely to throw all doubts on the side of the rejection of a water, as has been more or less advocated by writers on water analysis, for there are often interests of too serious character involved in such rejection to admit of view of the great and increasing difliculty of securing an adequate supply of water of satisfactory cluiracter for very large cities, is it an unpractical fancy that there selected as to source and storage for bathing, washing, house and street cleaning, extinguishing fires, etc., the former at any rate dispensed through meters to regulate consumption?" The densely peopled areas of England and the greater probability of specific infection accompanying the pollution of a water by animal matters no doubt have led the authorities of that country to look at the danger rather than at any of the other sides of the water question; while our, as yet, different conditions may be considered as authorizing facial Prof.

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