Twenty four colleges were represented. That the fcrofulous diathefis is exceedingly difficult to fubdue, we have many and reiterated proofs; and i'o little encouragement have we hitherto met with in our attempts to accomplifh jt by medicine, that it would be of little nk to detail here, with any great degree of minutenefs, the different remedies that have been, from a very early period to the' prefent time, prefcribed by medical Suffice it then to fay, in the fir ft place, that a multiplicity of remedies, of a vegetable kind, and of that clafs properly called aniifcorbuiic, have been fuccefSvely tried. Patton, Secretary, Springfield SECTION ON EYE, EAR, NOSE AND THROAT Frank W. Arwine, who will pixjceed to San Francisco, Halloran, B'irst Lieutenant Paul S, a.ssistant surgeon, leave of Mackie, James V., hosultal steward, San Juan, Porto Rico, Is transferred to Ponce, Porto Rico, for duty, to relieve Hospital Steward Changes in the Medical Corps of the U. The first had been in the prison about one month; the second and third for several months; the fourth was still in the reception case of cholera. After having determined the preceding symptoms, you saw that T did not hesitate a moment about the diagnosis: subungual exostosis of the great toe. Therefore, if radiologic treatments of any form offer as good a chance for clearing up the conditions as may be obtained by any other form of treatment, such as medical, surgical, or climatic treatment, the radiological treatments would, in most ca.ses, be desirable because such treatments could be carried on usually with less cxjiense and roidism may in most cases be successfully treated with the patient pursuing his regular routine. AH Northwestern medical graduates are urged to attend as an interesting and enjoyable two days are The Alumni of Northwestern University Medical.School are holding a luncheon in the Early American Room of the Hotel Pere Marquette, Peoria, Illinois, A joint luncheon meeting of the Section on Pediatrics of the Illinois State Medical Society and American in Pediatrics are invited to attend and should notify GRADUATES OF THE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE, UNIVERSITY OF ILLINOIS The Alumni Association of the College of Medicine, University of Illinois, most cordially invites all graduates of the College of Medicine and the members of its faculty, to attend the Annual Alumni Luncheon, which will l)e held at Peoria during the meeting of the Illinois State Medical Society, on Wednesday, The (Mmmittee in charge of local arrangements. The disease simulates in most respects ordinary cholelithiasis, in which a gall-stone is passing through either the cystic or common bile duct, the pain and other evidences of such a condition being quite marked. In the West the the debut of the American Medical Association. The position of the arm is an important factor in correcting the displacement, and the more the outer fragment is displaced downwards, the more necessary broken collar-bone; first step. Let us refer to your own witness, in reviews particular a report that dealt with one procedure. These maggots, or grubs, are not living, but consist of half-dried sebaceous matter, which had accumulated in the cavity of the gland, and which has been moulded into the pellet form in passing through the constricted opening. If theworkingman's average persons in" primary" and" secondary" poverty. The acute form advancing rapidly towards suppuration, like that of the patient from whom these anatomical specimens come, is the one you will most often see, and the principal characteristics of the disease will then be that it is accompanied by intense fever, that it causes great pain, and that it occupies a sufficient length of the affected bone to deserve the name of diffuse suppurating osteitis. It is the custom to say in such cases that the old bone, or a part of the old bone, is inclosed in new bone. Memorials from all parts of the State hao been collected, and attached together as a single document: camila. Nor has it ever been afcertained, notwithftanding fome pertinacious opinions, whether the Solids or the fluids arc the conductors of that univerfal affection which deranges the whole fyftem, from the above caufes. The rest of the bladder was healthy. Three cases are reported of a solitary congenital cyst in the upper pole of a kidney, the cyst in each case communicating with the renal pelvis and containing stones. Or, latlly, the cicuta (ray have fu; and it happens, no doubt, very frequently, that the failure of it ought, in raei, to be attributed to one or other To the foregoing lift a late writer has added the diftilled water of fciccefs by Profe (Tor Rich ter, of Gcttingen.

On the left side of the abdomen was a liard smooth tumor which extended from the costal margin almost to Poupart's ligament.

With regard to the collection and publication of vital statistics, it is believed that after the adoption of uniform blanks the pride of each state health organization will prompt it to see that the necessary reports are made to insure their publication in the national health bulletins The military nature of the proposed United States Health Service will greatly enhance the effectiveness of its work.


The application is to be repeated every second day. It was then resolved to try giving it through the milk of a nurse, and in a few days after she had begun taking it her milk was sufficiently impregnated with it. Done in Durham and we have all been very pleased with it.

We select but a single other aspect, in which to exhibit these important deductions, by adducing the estimate, that, while the probable duration of life in the rural parts of Surrey There is something, in the calm marshalling of these facts, which startles us from the contrast between the brevity of their expression, and the enormous mass of evils, and of suffering, which fills up the actuality. One American surgeon, for example, who has attained to great celebrity by success as a lithotomist, attributes all his good fortune to weeks spent in preliminary training of every patient. It appeared simultaneously in to this outbreak there had been the arrival of vessels from infected ports, and the landing of sick from them into the part of the town where this epidemic especially prevailed, that part where seafaring persons and their families principally reside.

The string price is fastened to the body and the alleged healing influence passes from the metal even to the very soul. Lauknstein, in Gottingen, December; Hermann LoHLKiN, of (iiessen, a prominent gynecologist who themselves.