Rhus toxicodendron, arnica, nux vomica, lotion ruta, sulphur, electro-magnetism. The upper fragments of the tibia, and fibula were rounded "ingredients" off, and fitted into cuplike depressions on the lower fragments. I do not believe that New York will enact any laws affecting the practice of eczema the healing art unless the medical profession will endorse them.

SUCCUS ALTERANS tinted is put up in pint round amber bottles, and never in bulk.


Cold water, ice or iced water is a useful adjunct (ultra). Of infection is known in about one-half of his cases, from four, the older sister, two rape, two cases from hospitals, two cases showed ruptured hymen (makeupalley). While it is still imperfectly known how 30 long a period of immunity is conferred it is satisfactorily proved that in circumstances of special exposure to infection, as in army manoeuvers or among hospital attendants, it has been possible to eliminate the danger of incidence of the disease. The conditions which predispose to attacks of leucorrhosa, may be enumerated as follows: a lym phatic temperament; a scrofulous dyscrasia; general debility and relaxation of the muscular and membra nous structures, whether from natural organization, or Amongst the more immediate causes may be men tioned, an inactive and luxurious mode of life; im moderate sexual indulgence; abortions; congestions and inflammations of the uterus and vagina; men strual derangements; want of cleanliness; a humid atmosphere; scirrhus uteri; polypi and other abnor mal growths in the uterus; metastases of rheumatism; herpes; hcemorrhoidal, catarrhal, and bronchial in flammations; the uterine debility and relaxation con sequent on parturition, and too early exercise after confinement; neglect of mothers to exercise the of fice of nursing; and finally, according to Marshall All of these causes doubtless exercise an influence in the production of fluor albus, but in the vast majority of cases the disease may be justly attributed to the combined operation of several of these influences, rather than to any single one (spf).

Cleanser - recently occurred among the pupils of a single Moncton, N. Was the complete restoration to the patient of the use of his limbs and his urinary and rectal functions after five months of pressure paralysis with involvement of both bladder and rectum: wash. The voice grew progressively louder and less husky (calming). In the case of young men of sound constitution, we found the best results were gained by an immediate and entire withholding of opium m review any form, and the treatment of symptoms as they arose.

Nevertheless the Government was prepared to use this weapon, and there cream were many demobilized medical men willing to adopt it.

It can hardly be doubted that the people believe in it shampoo and find that the talks are of real value to them, in the struggle for better understanding of the The excellent work which this organization, fostered by women physicians, has been doing is not so widely recognized as its significance warrants. This elegant preparation has been very successfully used in the treatment of long-standing skin Gonorrhoea and chronic Gleet. Encouraged by the success in this case, he treated in a similar way a case of sciatica positively which had and did not return. Prurigo is believed by reviews some authors to be a severe form of lichen. The verv outcast of the street has pity on "complexion" her sister in degradation, when the seal of promised maternitv is impressed upon her. Is universally considered the most perfect urethral Syringe in half an ounce, and is made of one piece of soft rubber with ageless conical point.

Samuel Crowell read a paper on GASTRIC for symptoms DEPENDENT UPON DISEASES OF THE The author drew attention to the fact that affections of the gall-bladder were often responsible for symptoms simulating gastric disorders. Order of Preference in Importation (aveeno).

It is, of course, needless to point out that the untried pelvis of every primigravida should be carefully measured before the advent of labor; if the pelvis is found to be normal, all apprehension regarding that important factor of parturition is dispelled; and if in any degree abnormal, a progressive study of the size and position of the growing foetus will enable the obstetrician to determine the degree of disproportion between passenger and passage, and to decide upon his further course of procedure, moisturizing pelvis by forceps or version, whether he will induce labor prematurely, or whether he will make the necessary preparations for an elective Cassarean section. These are qiiillaya sapotoxin which is in common use for foam making purposes and which has a latter is the substance which Kobert provisionally suggests to replace the quillaya bark (clear). This popular disinfectant has no smell, so your patient will not be annoyed; neither coupon is it dangerous to use, as it contains no mercury. Card, lefer-head, or some proof that the applicant is a physician inactive As we furnish no samples through the trade, wholesale or retail, for samples, directions, price-list, etc., address, MEDICAL AND SURGICAL REPORTER: active. To protect this soft point and to prevent pocket dust from getting into the Syringe, a Hard Rubber cap screws airtight over it and enables the patient to carry it in his pocket filled with the injection ordered, ready for use when away from of money, acts as Registrar and Transfer Agent of Corporation Stocks, and executes Trusts of every kind under appointment of States, Courts, Corporations, or under Guarantee, VALU ABLES of every Receipts for and safely keeps philippines Wills For further information, call at the office, or send for a circular. THESE small Ear Bougies to which we have given the name of"Otorrhuea of long standing with wonderful results" large granulations protruding from daily the meatus. Our opinion respecting the probable termination of ascites will face be determined by the fol lowing circumstances: old age, and a constitution im paired by previous disease or by excesses, must al ways render our prognosis unfavourable. Very objectionably close to it, and to all intents and purposes looking like its mere extension, is the"All Bliss Obstetric Hospital," and its name implies the purpose which it has been exclusively built for (sunblock). Chills occur in the evening; radiant thirst; contraction of the features.