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About Us

I. Introduction to CTA

China Trustee Association £¨CTA£©is a self-regulatory organization for trust industry established according to relevant provisions of the The Trust Law of the People's Republic of China and the Administrative Regulations on the Registration of Public Organizations. CTA is a non-profit social institutional legal person function under the guidance and supervision of the China Bank Regulatory Commission. 

Since established on May 14, 2005, CTA has been relied on its members to discharge 4 major functions: self-regulation, rights-protection, coordination and service. The major objectives are:
• Bridge the Government and the industry;
• Provide timely and comprehensive services to members;
• Conduct self-regulation, and protect the lawful rights and interests of members;
• Maintain fair competition, and boost the healthy development of the trust industry;
• Enhance public knowledge of trust through customer education and information disclosure.

II. Membership

President of Units                                                                                                                                        
Citic Trust Co., Ltd
Director Units                                                                                                                                              
Anhui Guoyuan Trust & Investment Co., Ltd Beijing International Trust Co., Ltd
Chongqing International Trust Co., Ltd Da Lian Huaxin Trust Co., Ltd
Fortune Trust Co., Ltd Huarong International Trust Co., Ltd
Jiangsu International Trust Corporation Limited China Pingan Trust & Investment Co., Ltd
Shandong International Trust Corporation Shanghai International Trust Corp. Ltd
Tianjin Trust and Investment Co., Ltd China Credit Trust Co., Ltd
China Foreign Economy and Trade Trust Co., Ltd Zhonghai Trust Co., Ltd
China Zhongtou Trust Co., Ltd
Member Units                                                                                                                                              
Anxin Trust & Investment Co., Ltd Bridge Trust Co., Ltd
Northern International Trust Co., Ltd Bohai International Trust Co., Ltd
Dongguan Trust Co., Ltd Gansu Trust & Investment Co., Ltd
Guangdong Finance Trust Co., Ltd Guolian Trust Co., Ltd
The National Trust Ltd Sdic Trust Co., Ltd
Hangzhou Industrial & Commercial Trust Co., Ltd Jian xin Trust Co., Ltd
Hunan Trust & Investment Co., Ltd Huachen Trust Co., Ltd
Huanneng Guicheng Trust Co., Ltd China Resources Szitic Trust Co., Ltd
Jilin Fanya Trust & Investment Co., Ltd Jilin Province Trust & Investment Co., Ltd
Jiangxi International Trust Co., Ltd Bank of Communications International Trust Co., Ltd
Jinxin International Trust Co., Ltd Union Trust & Investment Limited
Kunlun Trust Co., Ltd Qindao Hisyn Trust & Investment Co., Ltd
Shanxi Trust Corporation Ltd. Shaanxi International Trust Co., Ltd
Shanghai AJ Trust and Investment Co., Ltd  Suzhou Trust Co., Ltd
Xi¡¯an International Trust Co., Ltd Western Trust & Investment Co., Ltd
The Trust Investment Corporation of Tibet Autonomous Region Xiamen International Trust Co., Ltd
New China Trust Co., Ltd New Times Trust & Investment Co., Ltd
Yingda International Trust Co., Ltd Yunnan International Trust Co., Ltd
COFCO Trust Co., Ltd Zhongrong International Trust Co., Ltd
Zhongtai Trust & Investment Co., Ltd China Railway Trust Co., Ltd
Zhongyuan Trust Co., Ltd

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